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What is an outline?

An outline is a hierarchical breakdown of a topic that describes the structure. Readers use an outline to navigate through documentation, but also to evaluate the topic and the scope of the text.

In the Wiki Encyclopedia of Law, an outline consists of a sequence of top-level, key ideas that encompass the scope of the legal topic. Each top-level key idea should be broken down into a second level of more specific details of each key idea.

All volumes have at least an outline of the volume, but most of the time is a general outline with links to other outlines of Parts, Chapters or Topics.

See Browse By Outlines.

Outline of Society
Outline of the Legal Business
Ouline of Finance law
Outline of Management of legal firms
Outline of Marketing of legal firms
Outline of Communication of legal firms
Outline of Crime
Outline of Domestic violence
Outline of Legal Education
Outline of Environmental law
Outline of Democracy
Outline of International Organizations
Outline of United Nations
Outline of Private Law
Outline of Commercial law
Outline of Criminal justice
Outline of Law enforcement
Outline of Intellectual property
Outline of Tort law
Outline of Law of the United States
Outline of Evidence law in the United States
Outline of United States federal Indian law
Outline of Political movements
Outline of Public affairs
Outline of Political rights
Outline of Civil rights
Outline of Human Rights



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