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Family & Relationships

– Community Property and a Wrong Word Choice
– Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce
– What’s “Alienation of Affection?”
– Will a Postnuptial Contract Really Protect You?
– Where to File for Divorce
– Alimony: Till Death Do Us Part
– Sheltering Pets to Protect Domestic Violence Victims

– When Can Children Fly Alone?
– Same-Sex Parents Fight for Rights in Court
– Sri Lankan Teen Fights for Her Faith
– World Down Syndrome Day
– Missing Children: Protect What’s Most Precious
– Is Your Child a Bully?
– Celebrity Child Support: Do Amounts Flex with Fame?
– Caylee’s Law Fills a Gap in Missing Children Laws
– Can I Leave My Child Home Alone?
– Being a Foster Parent Takes Love & Effort
– Is Your Infant’s Crib Safe?
– Interracial Adoption: Love Is Color Blind
– Working with Child Services to Get Your Child Back
– International Custody Dispute
– Abusing Parental Discretion & Sensitive Subjects
– Laws Meant to Protect Children Don’t Always Work
– Pay Child Support or Face an Arrest Warrant
– What NOT to Do in a Custody Battle
– “Savior Siblings”: Birth for the Sake of Life
– When Child Discipline Becomes Child Abuse
– Child Identity Theft Is on the Rise
– Drinking and Hosting – Liability for Parents
– Who’s Your Daddy? Proving Paternity
– Heiress Loses Custody of Adopted Cambodian Son
– Reporting Child Abuse: Who Is Responsible?
– Child Visitation Hits the Internet
– Advertising an Unborn Baby for Adoption
– Safe Haven for Baby Abandonment: The Nebraska Hiccup
– Who’s Watching the Babysitter?
– Lawyer Accused of Running Nationwide Adoption Scam
– Co-Sleeping Can Mean Danger for Babies and Parents
– Infertility, Medicine and the Law
– Spare the Rod? Is Spanking Child Abuse?
– Medication Disputes Your Child and Custody Cases
– Grandparent Rights in Custody Disputes
– Child Abuse and Neglect: What’s in a Name?

– How Royal Is Your Wedding?
– Same-Sex Couples Have More Options In More States
– I Do I Do I Do: Is Polygamy Legal?
– Prenuptial Agreements: Thinking Ahead
– Judge Refuses to Wed Interracial Couple
– Washington DC Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages
– Domestic Partnerships: What Protections Exist

Estate & Elder
– You Can’t Take Your Digital Assets with You
– Nursing Home Residents Are Waiving Legal Rights
– Spotting and Preventing Elder Neglect and Abuse
– Death with Dignity? Physician-Assisted Suicide
– Paying the Long-Term Costs of Long-Term Care
– Golden Years Tarnished by Economic & Health Woes
– Looting a Loved Ones Estate
– You May Have to Pay for Your Parents’ Care

Internet & Technology

Email & Texting
– Do You Have Control of Your Technology?
– Texting and Driving
– Your Email Isn’t as Private As You May Think It Is
– Hotmail and Other Email Sites Have Security Breach
– Sexting: Pornography or High Tech Flirting?
– Text Messaging or “Texting” Crime Tips

Social Networks
– Will Twitter Name Names to Answer a Subpoena?
– Defamation Lawsuits Abound
– Celebrity Ads: Be Careful What You Say and Tweet
– Social Media and Juries: A Bad Mix?
– Social Networks at Work in the Courtroom
– Marriages, Families Under Cyber Attack on Facebook
– Social Networking Web Sites and Crimes
– Cyber Threats Like Obama Facebook Poll are Crimes
– Bullying on the Cyber Playground
– Twitter Verified Accounts and Protecting Identities
– Lawsuit Targets Facebook Privacy Issues
– Text Me One More Time – The Risk of Teens Who Text

Viruses, Privacy & Security

– Is Someone Keeping Track of You?
– Do Web Site Privacy Policies Protect Your Privacy or Theirs?
– I Spy: Who’s Hacking & Tapping Your Phone?
– Patient-Therapist Relationships in the Digital Age
– Sometimes You Get Unwanted Attention on the Internet
– New Wave of Cyber Crime?
– Email Hacking Is a Serious Crime
– Can You Find Me Now? Maybe, Thanks to Your Cell Phone
– Monitor and Secure Your ID After Hacker Attacks
– Cyber Forensics Tracking Down Virtual Clues
– Doctors Targeted by Spearphishing Scam
– Scam Alert: The Phishing Game
– Privacy Takes Direct Hits from Webcams and Buzz
– Just One Look: Data Breaches and Internet Issues
– Safety in Cyberspace
– Beware of Twitter Hack Attacks
– Hey, You’ve Got to Hide My House Away!


– eHarmony Settles Same-Sex Class Action Suit
– Virtual Battles – Real Lawsuits
– Pirates in the Modern Age: Fraudulent Online Vendors
– Check for Trust Marks on Internet Sites Before You Buy
– Web Loyalty Programs Cost Consumers Millions
– Internet Love Scams Are Still Going Strong

General Technology

– High Speed Internet for All?
– What’s in a Game? Beware of Web of Video Games
– Think Online Poker Is Safe? Don’t Bet On It!
– eBay Accused of Violating Disability Laws
– Cybersquatting: Is Someone Picking Your Pocket
– A Map for All Reasons: Cell Phone Ad War
– High-Speed Internet for All
– Technology Comes with Many Hidden Fees
– Truth in Blogging: New FTC Blog Disclosure Rules
– ThinAir iPhone App and Sex Offender Registry
– Protecting Net Neutrality
– Internet Threats to Kill
– Someone Is Following You: Using GPS to Track People
– Critics Say ID Chips Threaten Privacy
– Counterfeit L’Oreal Products: eBay Not Liable
– AT&T Settles Suit over Early Termination Fees (EFT)
– Electronic Tracking Means Tight Spots for Drivers
– Get Home Safely with Mobile Phone Applications

Consumer Issues

In General

– Anyone Want to Be “Lead Plaintiff”?
– Is the Customer Always Right?
– Do I Need That Extended Warranty, Really?
– Anyone Want to be “Lead Plaintiff?”
– Popular Window Blinds Are Choking Hazards
– Car Crashes Cost More Than $99 Billion
– Fight Over Right-to-Repair Law Drives On
– Repair Shop Settlement Puts Brakes on Business
– Financial Reform Law Drives Past Shady Car Loans
– Congratulations, You Just Won a Jackpot! Now Pay Up!
– How to Really Stop Telemarketers from Calling
– Who Wins When You Play the Lottery
– Don’t Let Your Cabbie Take You for a Ride
– Playing Rough: Know Your Limits and Right to Sue
– Does Green Mean Good? Recyclying Isn’t Always Best
– Check That Date: Expired Goods on Stores’ Shelves
– Unexpected and Unwanted Things in Your Mail
– The State May Have Your Unclaimed Property
– Suspected Puppy Mill Shuts Down: 600 Animals Rescued

Consumer Protection

– Counterfeit Money Comes Out of Your Wallet
– Are Consumer Reviews Trustworthy and Reliable?
– Groupon Lawsuits Target Offer Expiration Dates
– Renting Your Stuff Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds
– Are Receipt Checks at Stores Worth the Hassle?
– Viewers Can Control What’s on TV
– Gift Cards Come with Strings Attached
– Dealing with a Consignment Shop
– Billions in Unclaimed Property Is Any Yours?
– Consumers May Lose Class Action Tool to Fight Back
– Airline May Be Left Holding the (Lawsuit) Bag
– Arrested Abroad Help from Home to Get Home
– You’re the First Defense agianst ID Theft
– Small Smiles and the False Claims Act
– Credit Card Companies Want to Know More About You
– Fake and Counterfeit Goods Are No Bargain
– Yankee Fan Sues over Stadium Seats
– Which Utility Services Can’t Be Turned Off?
– Minnesota Attorney General Sues Employment Agency
– Season Ticketholders Fumble and Return Tickets
– Rent-a-Center Collections Processes Create Allegations
– Can You Get a Refund When a Performer Dies?
– Who Pays in the End When Price-Fixing Is a Standard Practice?
Patents , DVR Wars and Recording Your Shows
– Is the Sky the Limit for Air Fares and Fees?

Consumer Contracts

– What Are Abusive or Illegal Contracts?
– What’s Bartering?
– Read, Then Sign: Contracts Can Come Back to Haunt
– One Lottery Ticket Two Sisters and a Lawsuit
– From Here to When? Contracts for the Future
– Consumer Contracts: Mandatory Arbitration Clauses
– Paying the Price for Losing Makes Fans Cheer
– Warranty and Part Protection If the Company Closes

Health & Safety

– You Don’t Want a Full Plate at Some Restaurants
– Mysterious Illness Hits Sea and Air Travelers
– Medical Spas, Malpractice & the “New You”
– Living without Toxic Chemicals: Can It Be Done?
– Growing Your Own Food? Keep It Legal
– Keeping Your Pets Safe While on the Road
– Keeping the Fourth’s Fireworks Fun, Safe and Legal
– Genetically Modified Food: Do You Know What You’re Eating?
– Cell Phone Radiation Sparks New Reactions
– Is That Food Good for You?
– Businesses May Be Protected from Injury Lawsuits
– Hoarding Pets: Yes, You Can Have Too Many Friends
– Concussions a Concern for Student Athletes
– Dangerous Decks and Porches More than a Headache
– Good Health at the Gym: Keeping it Clean
– When Reality TV Goes too Far
– Milk and Eggs are Targeted by Health Officials
– You Found a What in Your Food?
– Who Gets the Bill? The High Price of Rescue
– New York Targets Illegal Sales of Toy Guns
– Pulling Stunts to Get On TV
– Check That Date Expired Goods On Stores Shelves
– Know Thy Food Food Labeling and Warnings
– It’s Getting Harder to Light Up
– Sports Injuries: Who Pays the Bills ?
– Obama Is Beefing Up Food Safety Standards
– Personal Injury Claims and Wearing a Helmet
– When Your Pet Attacks Are You Liable?
– Spectator Sports: Personal Injury Risks and Rights
– The Hostile Climate of Today

Intellectual Property

– Of iPhones, Shield Laws, Criminals, and Theft
– Web-Entertainment Pirates Hit a Road Block
– Editing Online Comments May Mean Legal Problems
– Information Leaks May Impact Everyone
– The iPad’s Potential Legal Problems
– Plagiarizing: If the President Can Do It, Why Can’t We?
– Telling Tales: Do Tell-All Books Mean What They Say
– Privacy Concerns Over Google Books
– Copying the “Catcher in the Rye”
– Company Sues Over NBC’s Unauthorized Use of Its Fonts
– Can the IOC Clain Ownership to Athletes’ Names


– More Help for Home Buyers and Unemployed
– “Chinese Drywall” Lawsuits & Your Home



– IRS Is Watching Tax Preparers More Closely
– 2010 Tax Filing Tips & Tricks
– Californians Plead to Federal Tax Crimes
– Beat the IRS? It Can Be Done
– Homebuyer Tax Credit Will Delay Your Refund
– Estate Tax Back in Effect 2011 If Not Sooner
– Is Tax Fraud a Victimless Crime? No, Everyone Pays
– Federal Estate Tax May Be Here to Stay
– The Stimulus Plan and the Individual Taxpayer
– Options When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes


– Till Debt Do Us Part
– Restoring Credit After Bankruptcy
– Personal Bankruptcies Rising in Wake of Recession
– Chapter 11: Reorganization of Debts for an Individual


– Get the Most Out of Your Credit Card Perks
– Virtual Credit for Kids: Good Idea or Bad?
– Debt Settlement Offers: Are They Scams?
– Credit Cards Aren’t What They Used to Be
– Your Credit Score May Mean Big Savings or Costs
– Lenders Are Watching More Than Your Credit Score
– Debt Collectors May Go Too Far
– Are Credit Card Companies Taking You To the Bank
– Paying with a Credit Card: Where does the Money Go?
– FTC Battles Bad Practices by Debt Collectors
– New Rules to Protect Credit Card Holders
– Changing Credit Card Terms
– Credit Insurance for Outstanding Account Balances
– Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Charge Cards…Oh My
– Are You Creditworthy?


– Insurance Companies Pay Out, Then Get Paid
– Insurance Isn’t a Buy-and-Forget Deal
– Economy Is Down Insurance Fraud is Up


– Even the Best Laid Retirement Plans May Be Spoiled
– Who’s Looking Out for Your Retirement Funds
– What’s a 401(k) Loan?
– On the Wire: Mutual Fund Management Fees Case
– 401(K) Rules in 2011


– Overhauling the US Financial System
– Consumers and Congress Tackle Big Bank Fees
– Watch Out for a 30% Interest Rate Hike
– The FDIC: What Does It Do?

Taxes and Trusts

– 2012 Budget and Retaining Federal Estate Tax
– Terminating a Small Trust
– Modifying or Terminating a Trust?
– Trust Review in Uncertain Economic Times

Labor Relations

Social Security

– Garnishing Social Security for Alimony in Florida
– A Social Security Do-Over
– Social Security and the COLA Controversy
– Government to Pay Social Security Back Benefits


– Immigration: Legal Mexican Visitors Shun Arizona
– Immigration Reform: What Can the States Do?
– Will the Start-Up Visa Act Bring Business to the US?
– Helping Some Immigrants Live the DREAM
– Immigration Fraud Doesn’t Pay Off
– MANY Are Unhappy with Arizona’s Immigration Law
– A Waiting Game: The Uncertainty of Immigration
– Local Cops Can’t Avoid ICE’s Secure Communities
– Immigrants Prepare for Worse Case Deportation
– Crimes Fuel the Immigration Debate
– Name Check Process Delays Citizenship
– Marriage for Money: US Soldiers Marry for Benefits
– Fewer Worries for Immigrant Widows
– San Francisco’s Sanctuary Saga
– The Uniting American Families Act (UAFA)
– American Apparel Targeted for Immigration Hiring
– Unions Support the Obama Immigration Initiative

Real Estate

Buying & Selling a Home

– No Shortage of Home Buying Options, or Risks
– Tips on Title Insurance
– Feds Consider Home Finance Reform
– Home Inspections Are Good for Buyers and Sellers
– Disclosing Problems When Selling Your House
– Who Owns Your Loan?
– Baltimore Sides with Homeowners in Redlining Lawsuit
– RESPA Reforms to Take Effect
– Will Temporary Mortgage Fixes Be Made Permanent?


– Foreclosure Fraud Scandal Poses Threats to Us All
– Tips on Buying a Foreclosure

Landlord and Tenant

– NY Attorney General Says Better Treatment for Tenants
– US Landlords Settle Lead Paint Lawsuit
– Your Rent: Due Dates, Grace Periods and Late Fees
– Disarm the Landlord and Avoid the Eviction Case

Zoning & Rights

– Beach Rights and the Law
– Hard Times in the Big Easy: Construction Brings Wores to Some

Real Estate Issues

– Reverse Mortgages: The High Price of Cash Now
– Appraisal Anguish
– Property Assessments: What Homeowners Need to Know
– Flood Insurance: High Water Brings High Costs

Celebrity Legal Issues

– Tiger Woods Loses Endorsement Contracts
– What Caused Michael Jackson’s Sudden Death?
– Hilton Trademarks and “Not so Hot” for Hallmark
– Legal Consequences of Dying Without a Will
– Drugs and Sports: Michael Phelps Says It Was Harmless

Disaster & Emergency Relief

– Learn from Alabama and Be Ready for Spring Storms
– When a Disaster Hits Your Home-Based Business
– Severe Weather and Emergencies
– Environmental Hazardous Emergencies and OSHA
– Fundraising Fraud
– Surviving a Hurricane
– Most Charities Must Register With Their States
– Donating to Haiti Relief Goes High Tech
– Private Relief Efforts After A Natural Disaster
– What To Do When Disaster Hits
– Are US Hospitals Prepared for Major Disasters
– New National Emergency Alert Tested in Alaska


– To Teach or Not to Teach
– When Are School Searches Legal?
– Discrimination Lives on At Schools
– The Ultimate School Reform: Fire the Teachers
– Concussions a Concern for Student Athletes
– Parents & Schools Wage Food Fights
– Autism and Hot Issues
– More Parents Learn About Learning Disabilities
– New National Academic Standards at Your School?
– Teachers Can Be Bullies, Too
– School Codes of Conduct in Force 365/24/7
– New School Year, New School Problems
– School Busing in the News? Again?
– Keeping Tabs on Students Moves to a New Level
– Pay-to-Play at Schools has Some Crying Foul
– Copy and Paste: Students Abuse Internet Info
– School Nurses Are Rare
– Check Your 529 College Nest Egg for Cracks
– Same-Sex Date Brings an End to Senior Prom
– It’s Graduation Day, But Not for Your Child
– Students and Cell Phones You Make the Call
– Liability for School Science Experiments
– No Time for Bullying
Education Lawsuits in the News Update
– Entrepreneurial Teachers: Lesson Plans for Sale
– Religious Expression by Student Athletes
– Sexism and Sexual Discrimination at School
– Dangerous Schools and the No Child Left Behind Act
– What’s a Zero Tolerance Policy?
– School Season Nears and Swine Flu Fears
– Special Education: School District Must Pay Private School

College & Beyond

– Off-Campus Student Speech: Be Careful What You Post
– Term Papers for Sale
– Scholarships for Fun: How to Find Hidden Treasure
– Loan Relief for Law School Graduates Is Possible
– Getting & Repaying Student Loans Gets Tougher
– DNA Tests for College Bonding and Then What?
– Diploma Mills: A Sheepskin in Wolf’s Clothing
– College Discipline Extends Off-Campus
– For-Profit Schools Target Military Members and Vets
– Additions to the “College Survival Manual”
– Students Use Beta Blockers To Make the Grade
– Education: Hitting the Bookies Students Bet on Their GPAs
– Jumping Through Hoops: NCAA Revises Recruiting Rules
– Loan Relief for Law School Graduates Is Possible
– Supreme Court Watches Freedom of Religion at College
– Fraternity Hazing Leads to NY Student’s Death
– Being Smart about Study Abroad Knowing the Risks
– College Campus Crime
– College Roommate Matchmaking
– Former College Athletes Sue NCAA over Licensing
– Graduate Sues College for Joblessness

Work & Business

Employment & Workplace

– Wellness Programs May Be Bad For Employers’ Health
– Work-Life Challenges for the Newer Millennium
– Looks That Get You Fired?
– Looking for a Job? Check Your Credit Report
– It Doesn’t Always Pay to be a Shoplifter Superhero
– Is There Room for God in the Office?
– Health Care Reform Changes Open Enrollment
– Is a Perfume-Free Workplace Legal?
– Disgruntled Employees Can Cause Chaos
– Discrimination Laws Try to Keep Up with the Times
– Social Recruiting Employers Are Looking for You
– You May Be “Disabled” Under New ADA Rules
– Brought to You by Child Labor: iPhones and iPods
– Is Diversity and Inclusion the Recipe for Success
– Employer-Paid Training May Really Be Employee-Paid
– The New Currency? Bloggers Get Paid with Space
– Decades-Old Battle for Equal Pay Continues
– Your Health & Your Job: An Unseen Connection?
– Temporary Work Suits Many Just Fine
– Local Hire Laws: Good Intentions, Illegal Means
– Unemployment Deals Blow to Worker Injuries and Deaths
– Workers’ Break Time isnt Completely Free Time
– Workers and Employees Ramp Up for Seasonal Jobs
– Moonlighting: It’s Not Just Your Time
– Whose Job Is It to Keep Employee Records Private?
– Employers Can Restrict Employee Web Surfing
– Welding Rod Wars
– Coca Cola Gets “Popped” with an ERISA Lawsuit
– Now More Workers Eligible for Family Leave Under FMLA
– No Deal: Casino Dealers Lose in Tip-Splitting Case
– Late Night Drama: Conan O’Brien’s Severance
– Can You Be Fired because of Your Tattoos?
– Fingerprinting: Violation of Religious Freedom
– Dangerous Work: Who’s to Blame for Workplace Violence?
– To Read or Not To Read? Monitoring EmployeesÂ’ Emails
– Money for Nothing: The Case of the Non-Employee
– The Company Holiday Party: Is It Work or Play?
– Wal-Mart: A Target for Employment Lawsuits?
– Forcing Flu Shots, Employees and Health at Work
– Workers May Be Entitled to Time Off for Holidays
– US Children Illegally Working Farm and Office Jobs
– The California Furlough Fight
– Open Enrollment for Benefits at Work
– Workplace Bullying: The Meanest of the Mean
– Furlough or Layoff: What Is the Difference
– Blowing the Whistle in the Workplace
– Proving Retaliatory Discharge under Federal Law
– Videotape at Work: Somebody May Be Watching You
– Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
– Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
– COBRA Assistance Program Running Out for Unemployed


– The America Invents Act: Whoever Files First Wins Big
– Stop and Shop and Strike?
– Take the Work of Out of Business Travel
– Getting Your New Business Off the Ground
– Lawsuits, Lost Profits and Frightened Franchisees
– Franchise Agreements Say No to Having It Your Way
– Favoritism in Atlanta’s Airports
– EPA Superfund Cleans Up Big Sky country
– New Law Brings Big Changes for Small Businesses
– Blockbuster Bankruptcy Fall and Rebirth of a Giant
– Street and Roaming Vendors Deal with Laws Old and New
– What is Patent Infringement?
– Companies That Care Day
– Keeping Current on Business Licenses and Permits
– Honest Services Fraud
– The Power of Money Economic Trade and Espionage
– Mind Over Matter? SCOTUS Considers Method Patents
– Is Direct Selling Right for You
– Decision Puts Ratings Firms in a Tight Spot
– What Does Exclusive Mean? Mortech & LendingTree
– Reorganization of Debts for a Business
– Some Rob You with a Gun; Some with a Fountain Pen


State/Local Government

– Throw the Bums Out! Removing Elected Officials
– Fees for Public Services May Become More Common
– Arizona’s Abortion Arguments
Federal Government – General
– Subpoena the White House?
– Terror Alerts Also Mean Travel & Safety Risks
– Budget Woes Don’t Really Shut Down Government
– Voters Face Technical Difficulties at the Booth
– Giving or Receiving Gifts May Get You Into Trouble
– Governments Get Along under the US Constitution
– Alternative Dispute Resolution Can Solve Your Problem Without Going to Court
– “Qui Tam”: A Means of Righting Wrongs
– Justice Reserved Native American Issues Resolved
– US Bans Texting While Driving Trucks & Buses
– Raised Voices: The Unborn Victims of Violence Act
– Impeachment and Censure of Elected Officials
– Whistleblower Rewards to Fight Government Fraud

Civil Rights & Discrimination

– Online “Want Ads” Confront Free Speech Issues
– Scientists Awarded Millions for Age Discrimination
– Federal Government Settles with Black Farmers
– Ban on Sharia in US Legal Matters a Slippery Slope
– Homeless Doesn’t Mean Right-less
– US Settles Native American Farmers’ Suit
– Jailhouse Homicide Tests Excessive Force Doctrine
– Your Right to Vote
– Feds Shy Away from Biometrics Others Embrace It
– Fighting for Your Rights: The ACLU Thrives Today
– Ground Breaking for Mosque Near Ground Zero?
– Beauty Queen Sues for Religious Discrimination
– Airport Full-Body Scans Raise Legal Questions
– Flag Burning and Desecrating
– Proposed Rules Provide Protection for Airline Passengers
– Disney’s Segway Saga
– Treason: When US Citizens Turn Anti-US
– Is the End in Sight for “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”?
– Enforced Patriotism at the Ballgame
– Deaf Fan Sues Ohio State University
– What’s Excessive Force in Crowd Control
– Right to Bear Arms vs. Security Threat
– “Don’t Believe in God?” The Iowa Bus Ad Conflict


– Running for President? Prove Your Citizenship
– The White House Has Opened Its Doors Electronically
– What’s the State of the Union Address?


– Redefining Redistricting: What Does It Mean?
– One of These Provisions Is Not Like the Other
– Can You RSVP “No” to a Subpoena from Congress?
– Three Patriot Act Provisions Set to Expire
– Getting Rid of Greenhouse Gases
– Waterboarding, the CIA and Speaker Nancy Pelosi
– The Debate over the Legalization of Drugs

Supreme Court

– What’s “Judicial Activism?”
– Supreme Court to Consider Gun Control
– Gun Carriers Getting Luke Warm Receptions
– The First Amendment Never Rests
– Delaware vs Sports Leagues: Sports Leagues Win


– Stolen Valor Act May Go Too Far to Protect Heroes
– Some Discharged Vets Are Denied Health Benefits
– Anti-Gay Protesters Disrupt Military Funerals
– It’s All About Time: Military Ballot Laws
– Army Blunder Resulted in Mistaken Death Notice
– Bad Burial Records at Arlington National Cemetery

Law Enforcement & Crime

Traffic & Motor Vehicle Violations

– Watch Who You Leave the Driving To
– Teenagers Drive Debate Over New Rules of the Road
– Do Your Speeding Tickets Travel with You?
– Work Zone and Emergency Safety on the Highway
– Deadly Road Rage
– Boating Safety: Don’t Sink a Good Time
– Traffic Cameras Aren’t Fool-Proof
– Follow the Rules When Using HOV Car Pool Lane
– Your Vanity Plates May Spell Trouble
– Britt’s Arrest Can Show How Serious Tickets Can Be
– Charges Unlikely for Husband of Wrong-Way Driver
– Traffic Convictions Catch Up to Minnesota Drivers


– Technology Takes a Bite Out of Crime
– Flash Mobs Step from Dancing to Crimes
– Blackmail Costs More Than It Pays
– Autopsies: Finding Out “Why” May Be Required
– Arresting Kids
– Struggling Lawyers Turn to Crime?
– Pros and Cons of Pro Se
– Legal Aid: Its Service and Its Struggle
– What Is the Price for Your Right to Free Counsel?


– I Can Fix It: Who and How Does Rehab Help?
– Death Sentence Appeals Take Time for a Reason
– Criminal Sentences Determined by Laws, Judges
– Casey Anthony: Any Defense Will Do
– Social Media Sites Help in Jury Selections
– Can You Win in Court if the Defendant’s Already in Prison?
– Extradition: Criminals Suspects Can’t Run Forever
– Skipping Bail? A Bounty Hunter Will Likely Follow
Attorney Is Loughner’s Best (and Only) Hope
– Well Recuse Me! When a Judge Shouldn’t Try a Case
– Trial and Try Again: When Is a Retrial a Good Idea
– To Settle or Not to Settle: That Is the Question
– Record Sealing & Identity Protection in Court Cases
– Missing Adults: The Susan Powell Disappearance
– When Does the Insanity Defense Make Sense?
– Taking the 5th
– The Call of (Jury) Duty


– Use of DNA in Criminal Investigations
– Jurisdiction: Where Can the Police Make Arrests?
– Entrapment: How Far Is Too Far for the Police?
– Police Deny Quotas, but They Might Actually Exist
– Violating Probation May Lead Back To Jail
– Crime Just Might Pay
– Does Offering Rewards to Solve Crimes Pay Off?
– DNA Sampling, Crime Investigation and Your Rights
– Police Supply Details for Some False Confessions
– Stop and Frisk
– Need for Public’s Safety Means No Bail for Sowell
– Talking – or Not – to Police After An Accident
– Right to Remain Silent: More Leeway on Miranda
– Remodeling Prison Sentences
– What Is a Search Warrant and When Is One Needed?
– You’re Under (Citizen’s) Arrest: Now What?
– Getting Property Back after an Arrest
– Will the Supreme Court Expand “You have the right to remain silent?”
– Baseball Hits a Homer in Plain View Search Case
– Speaking Up for the Right to Remain Silent
– Osborne Due Process and DNA Tests After Conviction
– Forensic Evidence Labs Are Under the Microscope


– What’s Insider Trading?
– Shame on You: Do “Shaming” Punishments Work?
– Woman Sentenced for Enslaving Nanny
– No Joking Matter: Real Fallout from Fake Scares
– Your Local Police May Be Selling Confiscated Guns
– Jail Sentences Get Harsher for White Collar Crime
– Bomb Making IS illegal
– In an Emergency, Can You Depend on Dialing 911?
– Parents’ Responsibility for Their Child’s Actions
– Everyone Pays the Costs of Crime
– Identity Theft Continues to Grow
– Terrorist or Traitor: What’s the Difference?
– Sex Offenders Challenge Residency Rules
– Hidden in Plain Sight: Human Trafficking
– Robber Sues the Store He Robbed
– Should 9-1-1 Calls Be Made Public?
– Sexually Dangerous Inmates Can Be Indefinitely Held
– What Is a Hate Crime?
– Problematic Pardons; The Clemmons Clemency
– Are Taser Guns as Safe as They Say?
– Who’s Lying? The Megan Williams Story
– Reporting Crimes: Witnessing, Ignoring, Falsely Reporting and Lying
– The Felony Murder Rule & the 2003 California Wildfires
– Looking through the Glass: Stalking and Privacy
– Self-help Guru’s Irresponsibility Leads to 3 Deaths
– Can We Send Juveniles to Jail for Life?
– Boy’s Balloon Ride Was a Scam
– Baby Pictures or Baby Porn?
– Drugs and Sports in the Mix
– The Failure of 9-1-1
– Football’s Plaxico Burress Sentenced on Gun Charge
– Judges Plead Guilty Youth Sentencing Kickbacks


– Federal Protectors: Roles of the CIA & the FBI
– Ignorance of the Law May Be an Excuse
– The VINE System for Prison Release Notification
– Military Wife Sues State for Wrongful Prison Term
– Wisconsin’s Online Jail Photo Gallery

Medical & Health Care


– New Rules Target Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
– Curbing Medicare Fraud to Pay for Healthcare
– Wheelchairs and Tricks: The Medicare Fraud Bust
– Strike Force Hits Back Against Medicare Fraud

Drug Safety & Pharmaceutical

– Deals Slow Generic Drugs
– Are Drug Companies Liable for Effects of Vaccines?
– States Try to Grind Pill Mills to a Stop
– Doctor Faces Wire Fraud Charges on Herbal Cure Sales
– Walgreens Guilty for Prescription Overdose Death
– Who’s to Blame? Pharmacies on the Defensive
– Record Breaking $2.3 Billion Pfizer Settlement
– Big Trouble for Bayer Over Its Yaz Drug
– Stop Using Hydroxycut Products
– Zicam Linked to Loss of Sense of Smell
– Levaquin Lawsuits
– Off-Label Use of Prescription Drugs
– Drug Companies Settle Vytorin and Zetia Lawsuits

Health Care & Medical Malpractice

– Organs for Sale
– The Doctor Is In: How Doctors Work With Hospitals
– Patent Rights vs. Patients’ Rights
– The Do’s and Don’ts of the Duty of Care
– New Consumer Threats to Medical Records, Computers
– It’s in Your Genes: Is a Home DNA Test Worth It?
– Is an Advanced Degree Nurse in the House?
– Genetic Discrimination and GINA
– Do You Have to Tell Your Partner about an STD?
– Faith Healing May Mean Prison
– Is a Midwife Right for You and Your Baby?
– Who’s Your Doctor Most Concerned About?
– Can You Trust Your Doctor? Do You?
– Donating Blood Safely
– States File Lawsuits Over the New Healthcare Law
– What the New Healthcare Bill Covers and When
– Psychologist’s Sexual Misconduct May Involve Billing
– Hurried Healthcare Risks Complete Results
– Just How Private Are Your Medical Records?
– Senate Passes Amendment to Cover Mammograms for Women Ages 40 to 49
– Scam: Unlicensed Health Care Plans
– Sorting Out the New Breast Cancer Screening Advice
– Is There Such Thing as a Free Prescription??
– Where Is Your Doctor When You Need Him Most?
– Notes on the HITECH Act
– Immunity for US Health Aides
– Surgery Nurse Gives Patients Hep C with Dirty Needles
– The Health Care and Tort Reform Debate
– Doctors Fail to Relay Medical Test Results to Patients


Job Scams

– FTC, States Target Home Based and Other Job Scams
– Beware of Fine Print in Job Loss Protection Plans
– Scams Target Job Seekers, Use Fake Checks
– Scam Alert: The Job that Wasn’t – Avoiding Employment Scams
– Scam Alert: Too Good to Work – at Home?
– Scam Alert: The Hit and Miss of Mystery Shopping

Home & Property

– Scam Alert: Mortgage Relief Scams Keep Coming
– Scam Alert: Be Careful When Selling Your Old Gold
– Scam Alert: Robocalls to Extend Your Warranty
– Scam Alert: ReMax Sweepstakes
– Scam Alert: Mortgage Refinancing Scams
– Scam Alert: Home Foreclosure Rescue Scams
– Scam Alert: Property Reassessment

General Scams

– Food Stamp Fraud
– Scam Alert: Jury Duty Identity Theft
– Companies Fined Millions for Bilking Ohio Seniors
– Scam Alert: IRS Email May Infect Your Computer
– Scam Alert: Fake Payday Loan Collectors
– Step Right Up Beware of Ticket Scams and Risks
– Scam Alert: Foreign Lotteries, Too Good to Be True?
– Scam Alert: Bank Account Scams
– Scam Alert: Credit Card Fraud on the Phone
– Scam Alert: Adoption and Fraudulent Birth Parents
– Scam Alert: Charitable Donations
– Scam Alert: Used Cars



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