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Division 340: Law

340 Law

340 Law in General

Other resources include:

  • 340 Dumb Laws (
  • 340 Yahoo (

340 Legal Education

  • Student Law Centre.Includes guides to training to be a lawyer or barrister, pupillage and training vacancy details, and media lawyer profiles. Author: Legalease.DeweyClass: 340.07
  • Student Resources, Legal Training and Courses.Annotated links to several resources relevant to legal Education and careers in the UK, from universities and other sources. Author: Venables, Delia. DeweyClass: 340.07
  • Survey of Law Schools in the UK, 1996.Report analysing the nature and extent of teaching and Learning patterns within law schools. Author: Harris, Phil & Jones, Martin, Sheffield Hallam University. DeweyClass: 340
  • UK Centre for Legal Education.A national centre supported by HEFCE and designed to be a primary source of information and support for all those involved in legal education. As well as information on legal education, resources include links to environmental law, property and land law, as well as the NCLE directory of law resources on the Web, including email addresses for individuals and contact details for every law school in the UK.
    Author: Warwick University
    DeweyClass: 340.07

341 International law

Further Resources:

  • Foreign Affairs Online. Annotated recommendations for foreign affairs resources. Contains links to official government material, the UN, nongovernmental and intergovernmental organisations, think tanks, news sources, maps, and texts of Constitutions of different countries. Topics include human rights, international relations, and law. Author: Beck, Robert J. DeweyClass: 341
  • Foreign and International Law Resources on the Web. A selective, annotated listing of current web sites that provide links to texts of laws and court decisions, international documents, directories, trade information, and statistics. Author: Cornell Law library . DeweyClass: 341
  • Hague Convention of 1954. Presents the full text of the 1954 Hague Convention covering the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict. The convention can be viewed by chapter, or by individual article and a list of ratifiers of the convention is included. Author: International Council on Monuments and Sites. DeweyClass: 341.7677
  • International Atomic Energy Agency. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) serves as the world’s central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical cooperation in the nuclear field, and as the international inspectorate for the application of nuclear safeguards and verification measures covering civilian nuclear programmes. This page has links to international agreements and conventions in relation to nuclear weapons. Author: IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency. DeweyClass: 341.734
  • International humanitarian law Database. Full text of 89 international Treaties , commentaries on the four Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols, with a list of signatories and ratifications. Documents can be browsed by treaty and by country or state. Author: International Committee of the Red Cross. DeweyClass: 341.
  • International Journal of Communications Law and Policy. Journal covering topics relating to structural and behavioural regulation and policy in the converging sectors of computing, telecommunications and broadcasting. Author: International Journal of Communications Law and Policy. DeweyClass: 341
  • Intute: social sciences – international law. Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to international law. Author: Intute. DeweyClass: 341
  • Lex Mercatoria . Focuses on commercial and International trade law , covering subjects such as contracts, customs, free trade, insolvency, jurisdiction, procurement, and sale of goods. Treaties , model laws, and country implementation details are offered for each subject. Author: University of Tromso and University of Oslo. DeweyClass: 341
  • Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions . Set of documents outlining the international Laws of war . Offers an alphabetical index to the conventions, their historical context, and the full text of four Geneva Conventions, signed August 12, 1949, and of the two additional Protocols of June 8, 1977. Links are provided to further relevant treaties. Author: Trombly, Maria. DeweyClass: 341.65
  • War Report – Iraq War and Afghan Aftermath. Contains articles, research, editorials, papers, and other documents pertaining to the present situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Individual resources are selected by academics, policy makers and scientists and include special reports delivered by the United Nations and the latest reports relating to the status of weapons inspections in Iraq. Also contains links to news coverage from around the world, including the Guardian, BBC News, Washington Post, The Observer, Eurasian Insight, and The Global Affairs Commentary. Author: Project on Defence Alternatives. DeweyClass: 341.2

341 United Nations

Further Resources:

  • Arabic Version of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child . Author: DeweyClass: 341.481
  • League of Nations : Statistical and Disarmament Documents. Digital collection of 260 full text documents pertaining to the League of Nations which existed from 1919 to 1946 when it was replaced by the United Nations. Although Russia and the United States refused to join, it’s members included countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. The collection focuses on three areas; the founding of the League, international statistics published, and work toward international disarmament. Users of the archive can search by date, title, or keyword.Author: Northwestern University Library. DeweyClass: 341.22
  • Reform at the UN. The bulletin of United Nations reform, with reports from the Secretary-General which aim to ‘transform the Organization, bring greater unity of purpose, greater coherence of efforts, and greater agility in responding to an increasingly dynamic and complex world’. Author: United Nations. DeweyClass: 341.23
  • UN News – Coverage of Daily Events. Contains the UN Journal (programme of daily meetings at UN Headquarters, New York), Daily Highlights, Brief Press Summaries, UN Press Releases, DPI Update, Newsletter of the UN Department of Public Information. Author: United Nations. DeweyClass: 341.23
  • UN System Pathfinder. Collection of resources such as reports, guides, bibliographies, statistical publications, treaties and annual reports, arranged under headings including communications, culture, disarmament, economic development, environment, human rights, human settlements, international law, International Security and peacekeeping, outer space, population, social development, transport, UN and international organisations. Publication details comprise basic bibliographic information, keywords, UN Library call number, with links to full text or abstract where available. Author: United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library. DeweyClass: 341
  • United Nations. Official site of the UN which works to protect human rights, promote the protection of the environment, help the advancement of women and the rights of children, fight epidemics, famine and poverty, assist Refugees , help improve telecommunication, deliver food aid, protect consumers, combat disease and help expand food production, make loans to developing countries and help stabilize financial markets. Author: United Nations. DeweyClass: 341
  • United Nations Chronicle. Quarterly journal with selected articles from the current edition and back issues available online from 1997 onwards. Full text is available on a subscription basis. Author: United Nations. DeweyClass: 341.23
  • United Nations Documentation: Research Guide. Information about where to find and how to use UN documents. Includes document symbols, basic tools, indexes, parliamentary documents, resolutions, decisions, speeches, press releases and special topics such as human rights. Author: United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library. DeweyClass: 341.23
  • United Nations Office of the Iraq Programme. The full text of UN Resolution 986, the Memorandum of Understanding between the UN and the Government of Iraq, the latest relevant documents, press releases and news, a chronology of documents related to the resolution since its inception, and the distribution plan for essential humanitarian supplies submitted by the Government of Iraq to the United Nations. Author: United Nations. DeweyClass: 341
  • United Nations Scholars’ Workstation. A collection of texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information. Subject coverage includes disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international relations, international trade, peacekeeping, population and demography. Author: Yale University. DeweyClass: 341.23

341 Intellectual property

  • All About Trademarks. Information regarding US and international trademark law, and links to trademark, copyright, patent, and related sites. Author: Guillot, Gregory H. DeweyClass: 341
  • Commission on Intellectual Property Rights. The Commission was set up by the British government to look at how intellectual property rights might work better for poorer people and developing countries. The first Commission meeting was in London on the 8th-9th May 2001, and the final report was published on 12th September 2002. Although the Commission disbanded on completion of its report, this website is intended as a means of explaining the work of the Commission and providing access to the final report and supporting documents, all of which can downloaded. Author: Commission on Intellectual Property Rights. DeweyClass: 341
  • Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age. Full text book examining US intellectual property rights in relation to digital technology. Discusses the emergence of the digital dilemma as a result of changing technologies and the importance of digital information, and looks at associated problems in terms of archiving, private and Fair Use , copyright, and technical protection. Specific opportunities and problems experienced by the music industry are detailed, and general recommendations are made regarding public access, individual behaviour, progress, research, and law and public policy. Author: National Academy of Sciences. DeweyClass: 341
  • Intellectual Property Explained. Government-backed UK Intellectual Property resource providing information on copyright, designs, Patents and trade marks. Author: Crown Copyright. DeweyClass: 341
  • Intellectual Property Institute. Aims to promote awareness and understanding of intellectual property law, and its contribution to economic and social welfare through independent research. Membership comprises major corporations, law firms, the Patent Office, individual legal professionals, and students. Author: IP Institute. DeweyClass: 341
  • JISC Legal Information Service. Project targeting the FE and HE sectors, aiming to raise awareness of the law in relation to the use of new technologies in the academic environment. Resources include project publications, details of forthcoming events, an annotated listing of useful material, and an overview of legal issues which affect information technology. Author: JISC Legal Information Services. DeweyClass: 341
  • KuesterLaw: Technology Law Resource. Source of legal information for intellectual property law and technology law. Includes general information and details of cases involving Patents , trademarks, copyright and federal Bills . Also offers access to legal resources such as associations, commercial services, journals and magazines. Author: KuesterLaw. DeweyClass: 340
  • Patents Attorneys Around the World. An online listing of patent attorneys around the world. Attorneys are arranged by continent, then alphabetically by country, then by name, with contact information. Author: Piper, James W. DeweyClass: 341.7586
  • WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization. Information on the organisation, intellectual property, patents, trademarks, Internet domain names and industrial property information. Author: WIPO. DeweyClass: 346.04

342 Constitutional & Administrative law

Further resources:

  • href=” Law. Provides an overview of abortion law in the US, details of core cases, and accounts of constitutional, federal, and canon law. Includes background information about state laws, a glossary of legal terms related to termination of pregnancy, and full text transcripts of notable cases which can be downloaded as zip files or accessed as audio files online. Author: Schwenkler, John E. DeweyClass: 342.084
  • Canadian Constitutional Documents. Full text documents comprising the original 1867 Constitution Act, and additional acts and orders passed from then until the present day. The major provisions of each act are summarised. Author: Maton, William F. DeweyClass: 342.023

343 Military, tax, trade, industrial law

Further resources:

  • International Military Tribunal. Project providing an archive of proceedings and other key documentation from the Nuremberg War Crimes trials. Features documents detailing Nazi conspiracy and aggression, the trial of the major war criminals before the International Military Tribunal, and the trials of German war criminals. Author: Avalon Project. DeweyClass: 343
  • Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions.Offers summaries of Internet related court decisions. Brief synopses, organised alphabetically by topic, including copyright, email, domain name, first amendment and spamming, are available for each decision, with links to further analysis, quotations, and the full text, where available. Author: Samson, Martin H. DeweyClass: 343

343 Internet Law

Further resources:

  • Internet Law and Policy Forum. ILPF supports the development of an international network of reporters to provide timely and accurate information on legal and policy developments that affect the Internet around the globe. It aims to provide a neutral venue in which to develop solutions to the legal and policy questions of the Internet. Includes press releases, interviews and news of working groups on Certificate Authorities, Content Blocking and Digital Signatures.
    Author: Internet Law and Policy Forum. DeweyClass: 343.0999

344 Social, labor, welfare, & related law

344.046 Environmental Law

Further resources:

  • British Employment Law. Searchable collection of links to case law, commercially available case reports, news, statutes, Bills, statutory instruments, UK government resources, EC and EU material, and organisations, private services, and trade unions. Author: DiscLaw Publishing. DeweyClass: 344.032
  • > Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. Provides an overview of literature in law and economics, offering a bibliographic database which is browsable by topic, and searchable by author, title, publication date, journal, and publisher. Literature reviews are also incorporated.
    Author: Edward Elgar Publishing and University of Ghent. DeweyClass: 344
  • Food and Drug Law Institute. A forum for critical examination of the laws, regulations and policies related to drugs, health care technologies and food. Author: US Food and Drug Law Institute DeweyClass: 344
  • Food Law Pages. Includes a reference list for background reading or further research, links to other pages relating to food law, UK food law news, court cases, and lecture support material. There is also a section on European food law information. uthor: Reading University Department of Food Science and Technology. DeweyClass: 344
  • HyperGuide to the Mental Health Act.The Mental Health Act 1983, applicable in England and Wales, governs the admission of people to psychiatric hospital against their will, their rights while detained, discharge from hospital, and aftercare. The guide is designed to be used both as an introduction to the Mental Health Act, and as a reference source for people with mental health needs, professional workers, and others who come into contact with the Act. Author: Turner, Nigel. DeweyClass: 344.044
  • IMHL: Institute of Mental Health Law. The Institute specialises in all areas of the UK Mental Health Act 1983 and related legislation. It provides legal services to several trusts who provide care to patients with both mental illness and Learning disabilities. Includes research and journal articles on the subject, and details of court cases. Author: Institute of Mental Health Law. DeweyClass: 344.044

345 Criminal law

Further resources

  •”>International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy. Papers and reports on subjects including aboriginal justice, domestic violence, juvenile crime and sentencing policy. Author: University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the Society for Reform of Criminal Law. DeweyClass: 345
  •″>Intute: social sciences – criminal law and procedure. Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to criminal law. Author: Intute. DeweyClass: 345
  •”>Wadsworth Criminal Justice Resource Center.Annotated list of criminal justice and other legal resources online, covering research, international criminal justice, juvenile justice, crime prevention, white collar crime, drugs and newsletters. Author: International Thomson Publishing. DeweyClass: 345

346 Private law

346.04 Copyright

Further resources:

  • CIPR: Commission on Intellectual Property Rights Final Report. Final report from the Commission appointed by the UK government to examine how national IPR regimes could be designed to benefit developing countries within the context of international agreements, how the international framework of rules and agreements might be improved and developed, and the broader policy framework needed to complement intellectual property regimes. Each chapter of the report is offered in HTML, PDF, and Word formats. Author: UK Commission on Intellectual Property Rights. DeweyClass: 346.04
  • Copyright and Fair Use. Primary materials including statutes and judicial opinions, current legislation, cases and issues, and an overview of copyright law. Collaboration between Stanford University Libraries, the Council on Library Resources, and FindLaw Internet Legal Resources.
    Author: Stanford University Libraries. DeweyClass: 346.04
  • Educational Recording Agency Licensing Scheme. The ERA Licensing Scheme enables educational establishments to record radio and television broadcasts for educational purposes without infringing copyright. Information on these pages includes the licence, the legal position and ERA news. Author: Educational Recording Agency. DeweyClass: 346.04
  • Intellectual Property Mall. Collection of intellectual property resources, aimed at intellectual property professionals in academia, business and science, as well as inventors and entrepreneurs. Provides tools and strategies for intellectual property research, and an index of intellectual property resources available on the Internet. Author: Franklin Pierce Law Center. DeweyClass: 346.04
  •”:HERON. Offers a national service to the UK academic community for copyright clearance, digitisation and delivery of book extracts and journal articles. Services are available on an institutional subscription basis. Author: Ingenta UK. DeweyClass: 346.04
  • Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk. Guide to intellectual property issues within the European Union, including information on patents, trade marks, and copyright. Outlines related aspects of EU funded research and development, and also offers country specific information and daily news updates on intellectual property topics from around the world. Author: CORDIS: Community Research and Development Information Service. DeweyClass: 346.048
  • Report on Fair Dealing in an Electronic Environment. The main aim of the Working Party at this stage was to identify any possible areas of agreement between representatives of JISC and the PA, on a practical definition of fair dealing of materials in electronic form, and, if possible, the necessary mechanisms that might be used to provide a workable monitoring system. Author: JISC and the Publishers Association Working Party. DeweyClass: 346.04
  • SHERPA: Publisher Copyright Policies and Self-Archiving. Searchable directory of permissions that are normally given as part of each publisher’s copyright transfer agreement Highlights pre-print, post-print and copyright restrictions. Information gathered as part of ROMEO project. Author: SHERPA, University of Nottingham. DeweyClass: 346.048

347 Civil procedure & courts

Further resources:

  • English Court Service. Information about the Court Service. Includes the High Court, Court of Appeal, Crown Court, county courts, tribunals and forms and leaflets. Author: Court Service Lord Chancellor’s Department. DeweyClass: 347
  • House of Lords. Documents providing information about the work of the House of Lords and its select committees. Includes sections on future business, publications, judicial work and standing orders relating to public business. Author: Stationery Office. DeweyClass: 347.420
  • href=” Judicial Work of the House of Lords. Information on the judicial aspect of the House of Lords describing the jurisdiction of the House, the Law Lords, procedure, and the history of the House’s judicial role. Author: House of Lords. DeweyClass: 347
  • Scottish Courts. Official information relating to all civil and criminal courts in Scotland, including the Court of Session, the High Court of Justiciary, the Sheriff Courts and District Courts. Also includes location details, contact numbers, and details of recent significant judgments. Author: Crown Copyright. DeweyClass: 347

348 Laws (Statutes), regulations, cases

Further resources:

  • Acts of English Parliament. The full text of all Public General Acts since 1996 and all Local Acts since 1997 as originally passed by Parliament. Subsequent amendments are not included. Includes summaries of selected pre-1996 Acts. Author: HMSO. DeweyClass: 348
  • Fed Law. Index of full text US Federal and State statutes and law reports. Author: US General Service Administration. DeweyClass: 348
  • Public Bills before UK Parliament. Full text of the Public Bills currently before Parliament in the UK. Author: Houses of Parliament. DeweyClass: 348
  •”>Statutory Instruments. The full text of all Statutory Instruments and Draft Statutory Instruments since 1997. Author: HMSO. DeweyClass: 348
  • Supreme Court of Canada. Full text of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada since 1989. Also includes weekly bulletins and press releases. Author: University of Montreal. DeweyClass: 348

349 Laws of specific jurisdictions & areas

349.4 Law of specific areas: Europe

Further Resources:

  • Court of Justice of the European Communities. The Court of Justice ensures that the law is observed in the interpretation and applications of the Treaties establishing the European Communities. Includes a diary, recent case-law, proceedings, publications and press releases. Author: Court of Justice of the European Communities. DeweyClass: 349.4
  • German Law Archive. Dedicated to publishing cases, statutes, literature and bibliographies on German law in the English. Author: Dannemann, Gerhard. DeweyClass: 349.43
  • Legal Resources in Europe.Resources from the Council of Europe, European Union and member states. Author: University of Saarland. DeweyClass: 349.4
  • National Centre of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus. National centre for the gathering, storage and dissemination of legal information in electronic form for the Republic of Belarus. Includes free access to the Belarus legal information databank, news of legislation and a register of all the acts which make up the legislation of Belarus. Information is available in Russian and English. Author: National Centre of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus. DeweyClass: 349.4

349.41 Law of specific areas: UK

Further Resources:

  • Bracton on the Laws and Customs of England. Originally entitled De Legibus Et Consuetudinibus Angliæ. Henry of Bratton was a thirteenth century English judge and is best known for this work which attempts to describe rationally the whole of English law. The work is remarkable both for its wealth of detail and for its attempts to make sense out of English law largely in terms of the ‘ius commune’, the combination of Roman and canon law that was taught in the universities in Bracton’s time. The framed version allows simultaneous viewing of the English and Latin texts. Author: Ames Foundation, Harvard Law School Library and Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Compact Law. The leading law portal in the UK providing legal documents and services for English law. Author: CompactLaw. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Connecting Legal. Gateway to UK legal resources featuring directories of solicitors, barristers, accountants, surveyors, and legal service providers. Also offers details of courses in a range of legal disciplines, legal news, journals, and listings of Law books and publishers. Author: Waterlow. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Legal Solutions Online. Interactive legal advice relating to issues in England and Wales, and covering aspects of family, motoring, personal injury, housing, employment, and consumer law. Provides a Tailored Legal Information Sheet based on user responses to set questions, a search facility for locating law firms, and resources designed to help estimate fees and create documents. Author: Freelawyer. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • General Council of The Bar. UK professional body for barristers. The role, profession and activities of the Bar Council are discussed, and a directory of individual barristers and chambers in England and Wales is included. Author: General Council of The Bar. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Infolaw: Information for Lawyers Limited’s Gateway to the UK Legal Internet. A gateway to a variety of legal resources in the UK, including law firms, associations, government information and law schools. It also contains Lawfinder, a resource for researching and keeping up-to-date with primary law on the web, and which has links to statutes, statutory instruments, bills, consultative documents, parliamentary proceedings, and judgements from the House of Lords, the Court of Appeal and the High Court. A subject based directory provides further access to electronic legal resources. Author: Information for Lawyers Limited. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • JURIST: The Law Professors’ Network. International edition of US legal news and research site JURIST: The Law Professors’ Network, organised and supplemented for the convenience of law teachers, law students, lawyers and others. Includes links to online articles, home pages, course pages, resource pages, news and reference sources, associations, research centres, and institutes. Author: Hibbitts, Bernard. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Law Society. Professional body for solicitors in England and Wales. Includes information about legal education and a database of legal links across the world. Author: Law Society. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Law Society of Scotland. The governing body of the solicitor branch of the Scottish legal profession. All practising solicitors in Scotland must be members and take out a Practising Certificate. Includes information about the court structure in Scotland, the history and origins of Scots law, famous Scottish lawyers and cases, the Dial-a-Law Information and Referral service, which offers information on over 40 Legal topics , and a directory of over 1830 firms which is searchable by the firm name or geographical location. Author: Law Society of Scotland. DeweyClass: 349.4
  • Legal Resources in the UK. Public institutions, primary materials and subject-specific law resources. Author: University of Saarland. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Legal Sites and Resources in the UK. Extensive set of classified links to UK law resources. Headings include employment law, patents, trade marks, intellectual property and Multimedia , tax law, benefits and social security, environmental law, criminal justice, computer and Internet law, International trade law , politics and parliamentary information, government sources, departments and the courts. Author: Venables, Delia. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Lockerbie Trial Briefing. Outlines the progress of the trial of the suspects accused of the death of 270 people by the crash of Pan Am flight 103 on 21 December 1988 (the largest mass murder in Scottish legal history), with a focus on the Scots legal processes involved. Includes information on the background to the case, the charges faced by the defendants, trial arrangements, Scots criminal procedures and evidence, and a glossary of terms used in relation to the trial. Author: Glasgow University School of Law. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Scots Law Online Resource Centre. Collection of links to Scottish legal resources. Categories include legislation, courts, Legal Research tools, law firms, and university degree courses. Also features links to news services, and a selection of recreational material. Author: Crombie, Kevin.DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Scottish Law Agents Society. A voluntary society of Scottish lawyers which makes recommendations to the Law Society of Scotland, the Scottish Law Commission, Government and other official bodies on current topics of interest to the legal profession. Although some content is restrictred to SLAS members, a significant amount of information is generally available to non-members, including a database of legal links, subscription information, and the latest news from SLAS. Author: Scottish Law Agents Society. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • Scottish Law Online. Collection of legal resources to assist those with an interest in Scots law. Features an A-Z of the law in Scotland, advice and links for law students, and an online journal containing essays and dissertations submitted by students at Scottish universities. Author: Crombie, Kevin. DeweyClass: 349.41
  • United Kingdom Legislation. Full text of all public and local acts of the UK parliament, explanatory notes to public acts, statutory and draft statutory instruments, and measures of the general synod of the Church of England. Legislation for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland is detailed separately from 1999 onwards. Author: HMSO. DeweyClass: 349.41

349.7 Law of specific areas: Canada

Further Resources:

  • to Justice Network (Canada). Information about Canadian justice and legal information and services, organised under subject headings such as aboriginal people, crime prevention, plain language, women and youth. Author: Access to Justice Network. DeweyClass: 349.71
  • Canadian Law Schools. Index of Web pages for law courses in Canada, accessible via an interactive map and/or an alphabetical listing. Author: Council of Canadian Law Deans. DeweyClass: 349.7
  • Department of Justice Canada. Information about all Canadian federal laws, with additional information in the form of news articles and speeches. Available in English and French. Author: Department of Justice of Canada. DeweyClass: 349.71

349.7 Law of specific areas: United States of America

Further Resources:

  • ALSO: American Law Sources Online. The purpose of ALSO is to provide a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to all online sources of American law, including Canadian and Mexican law as well as federal and State law for the United States. Author: LawSource. DeweyClass: 349.73
  • American Bar Association. Legal professional association. Provides information for members, those in the legal community, and the general public. Topics covered include domestic violence, mental and physical disability law, and children and the law. Author: American Bar Association. DeweyClass: 340
  • Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research . Links to many of the searchable US legal services. Subjects covered include judicial opinions, legislation, federal regulation and people in law. Author: Georgia State University College of Law. DeweyClass: 340.
  • Native American Legal Resources. Provides access to resources produced at the University of Oklahoma Law Centre such as American Indian Law Review, and the Native American Constitution and Law Digitisation Project. Also offers a selection of tribal, historical and cultural resources related to American Indians. Author: University of Oklahoma Law Center. DeweyClass: 349.7
  • Nolo’s Legal Encyclopaedia. Compendium of brief advice on fifteen topics about US law, including small businesses, patents, copyright, trademarks, legal research, wills and estate planning. Author: Nolo Press. DeweyClass: 349
  • THOMAS. A service provided by the Library of Congress and making Federal legislative information available on the Internet. Provides access to databases, Bills, the Congressional record, information on the legislative process and access to US Government Internet resources. Author: Library of Congress. DeweyClass: 349.73
  • United States Code. Searchable database of US laws in force, divided into fifty subject categories, each individually searchable. Author: LII, U.S. Government Printing Office.DeweyClass: 349.73

Division 350: Public administration

350 Public administration

  • 350 Citizen’s Charter
  • 350 Civil Service College
  • 350 Government (Yahoo)
  • 350.841 Health Administration (Yahoo)

351 Public administration of central governments

  • 351 Her Majesty’s Government Citizen’s Charters
  • 351 Her Majesty’s Government Home Office Research and Statistics Department
  • 351.004 Institutes
  • 351.03 President
  • 351.819 Research Labs
  • 351.856 Technology Policy

352 Public administration of local governments

  • 352.93 Emergency Preparation

353 Public administration of U.S. federal & state governments

  • 353 Federal
  • 353 U.S. Government
  • 353 US Government Information Sources
  • 353.09 U.S. Federal Government Agencies
  • 353.8 United States Patent and Trademark Office

354 Public administration of specific central governments

  • 354 European Union
  • 354 Her Majesty’s Government
  • 354 White House (USA)
  • 354.1 Governments of Specific Countries (Yahoo)

355 Military science

356 Foot forces & warfare

357 Mounted forces & warfare

358 Other specialized forces & services

359 Sea (Naval) forces & warfare

Division 360: Social services, associations

360 Social services; association

  • 360 Amnesty International
  • 360 Her Majesty’s Government Department of Social Security Analytical Service Division
  • 360 Her Majesty’s Government Department of Social Security Contributions Agency

361 General social problems & services

362 Social welfare problems & services

363 Other social problems & services

364 Criminology

365 Penal & related institutions

366 Association

367 General clubs

368 Insurance

369 Miscellaneous kinds of associations

Division 370: Education

370 Education

  • 370 Education (OD)
  • 370 Education Index
  • 370 Higher Education Statistics Agency
  • 370 HM Government Office for Standards in Education
  • 370.5 Journals (Yahoo)
  • 370.6 Education Conferences
  • 370.6 Organizations
  • 370.7780974886 Common Knowledge:Pittsburgh

371 School management; special education

371.1 Teaching and teaching personnel

371.2 School administration and management

371.3 Methods of instruction and study

371.4 Guidance and counseling

371.9 Special education

  • 371.9 Special Education

372 Elementary education

373 Secondary education

374 Adult edutation

375 Curricula

376 Education of women

377 Schools & religion

378 Higher education

  • 378 Higher Education
  • 378.005 Colleges and Universities

378.4 Higher education by specific localities

379 Government regulation, control, support

Division 380: Commerce, communications, transport

380 Commerce, communications, transport

  • 380 Business
  • 380 Logistics & Transportation

381 Internal commerce (Domestic trade)

381.1 Retail trade

381.142 Mail-ordering and telephone-ordering

381.3 Consumerism

  • 381.3 Consumer Economy (Yahoo)

382 International commerce (Foreign trade)

  • 382 International Business and Trade (OD)
  • 382 NAFTA

383 Postal communications

384 Communications; Telecommunications

  • 384 British Telecom
  • 384 Communications
  • 384 Broadband Communications
  • 384 Telecommunications

384.3 Computer communication

384.33 Services

  • 384.33 United Kingdom Educational and Research Networking Association

384.5 Wirless communication

384.54 Radiobroadcasting

384.6 Telephony

385 Railroad transportation

386 Inland waterway & ferry transportation

387 Water, air, space transportation

387.7 Air transportation

388 Transportation; Ground transportation

  • 388 Transportation
  • 388 Transportation

388.34 Vehicles

388.342 Cars

389 Metrology & standardization

  • 389 International Standard Date and Time Notation
  • 389 Standards
  • 389 Standards and Standardization Bodies

389.6 Standardization



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