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The Encyclopedia of Law provides an online searchable collection of books, reports, databases, and other scholarly literature in law and legal practice.

The Project provides free access to books and documents in law and legal practice. The legal book portal enables users to easily browse, retrieve, and read content, and spurs discovery of related information. For historical books and documents, see:

Each publication on the Project is divided into searchable units of content based on the organization of parts, chapters, sections, subsections, etc, within the individual publication. The entry-point for a user is a page within the book usually found by a search.

Once browsing this book page, it is possible to navigate around a whole unit of content. The size of the unit of content and its interconnection with other parts of Booksi or the Encyclopedia will depend on both the organization of the book and the wishes of the publisher.

Copyright, Permissions, and Conditions of Use

Some of the information found in this Project about legal Books is provided by non-government authors and publishers, and as such is copyright protected. Since the Lawi Project does not control the copyright for these books, you must contact the author or publisher to obtain permission before reproducing any material found in such publications.

Authors and Publishers

This legal Books Project strives to represent the range of legal books and resources available to academics, practitioners, other law professionals, educators, students, and consumers.

Specialist research, resources for university-level teaching, works on caselaw, and reports and guidelines are all included. See BooksiÂ’s Information for Authors and Publishers page about how to propose a publication, the review process, and the submission of data.

May I suggest a book for the Booksi Project?

For a book to be featured on the Project, we need the author or publisher to contact us expressing an interest in participating in the project. If you feel strongly about having a particular book included on the Project, we suggest you contact the author or publisher regarding the idea.

Who controls copyright privileges for the material archived in Bookshelf?

Copyright to all materials deposited in this Project remains with the publisher or individual authors/editors, whichever is applicable. This Project about legal Books is simply an online collection and does not claim copyright on any material in the collection. Some books and resources have been specifically written for the Project, but in these cases the material is either in the public domain or the authors have retained copyright.

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