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Volume Professions and Occupations Volume
. Includes:
• Auctions and Auctioneers,
• Lawyers,
• Attorneys,
• Barristers,
• Solicitors,
• Advocates,
• Law Professionals,
• Professions and Occupations
Volume Legal Services Volume. Includes:
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Attorney and Client
Attorney General
Clerks of Courts
Court Commissioners
District and Prosecuting Attorneys

Justices of the Peace
Privileged Communications and Confidentiality
United States Magistrates


More topics in the volumes:

Advanced Marketing Strategies
Advertising Research
Applied International Business
Applied Leadership and Strategy
Applied Project in Marketing (Capstone)
Applied Project in Marketing Communication (Capstone)
Business Communication Skills
Business Ethics and Sustainability
Business Excellence
Business Information Systems
Business Intelligence
Business Marketing Analysis and Strategy
Business Planning
Business Process Integration
Business Project Management
Business Project: International Marketing
Business Project: Marketing
Business Statistics
Business to Business e-Marketing

Capital Markets
Change Management
Client Behaviour
Community Engagement
Community Service Learning and Social Entrepreneurship
Corporate Accounting
Corporate Environment
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance
Corporate Financial Analysis
Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation
Corporate Governance and Strategic Direction
Corporate Governance and Sustainability
Corporate Reporting
Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact
Cost Management
Credit Risk
Decision Making Tools
Decision Support in Organisations
Derivative Securities
Diversity Management

Electronic Business and Marketing
e-Marketing and Management of Services
Emerging Marketing Issues and Social Media
Ethics and Professional Standards
Ethics in Law
Event Marketing
Event Risk Management
Event Sponsorship and Revenue
Financial Strategy and Leadership
Fundamentals of Business Finance
Fundraising in International Markets
Funds Development
Global Business Strategies
Global Strategic Management
Global Strategic Management
Governance and Sustainability
Government and Community Sector
Guiding and Interpretation Management
Human Resource Management
Human Resources in law firms

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Integrated Business Consulting
Integrated Marketing Communications
Integrated Risk Management
Integrating Business Perspectives
International Business
International Business Consulting
International Finance
International Financial Management
International Human Resources Management
International Legal Practice
International Management
International Marketing Analysis and Strategy
International Promotion and Advertising
International Trade and Investment
Introduction to Community Management
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Issues in Corporate Finance
Labour and Industry in the Global Context
Law Firm Communications
Law Firms Management
Law Firms Marketing
Law Firms Organisations
Lawyers: Accountability of Small Business Enterprises
Lawyers: Accounting for Insolvency
Lawyers: Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Lawyers: Accounting for Overseas Transactions
Lawyers: Accounting Standards and Regulations
Lawyers: Advanced Corporate Finance
Lawyers: Advanced Financial Planning
Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring
Legal Services and Globalisation
Legal Services in the Global Marketplace
Management and Organisations
Management Consulting
Management Decisions and Control
Management Knowledge
Management Planning and Control
Management Project
Management Skills
Managerial Corporate Finance
Managerial Finance
Managerial Marketing
Managing Community Organisations
Managing Employee Relations
Managing Financial Institutions
Managing for Sustainability
Managing Knowledge
Managing Legal Services
Managing Operations
Managing People and Organisations
Managing Strategic Performance
Managing Work and People
Marketing Analytics and Decisions
Marketing and International Trade Relations
Marketing Channel Management
Marketing Communications
Marketing for the Experience Industries
Marketing Foundations
Marketing Management
Marketing Planning and Strategy
Marketing Projects and Services Overseas
Marketing Research
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy in Practice
Masters Project
Media Planning
Mergers and Acquisitions
Monitoring Organisational Performance
Motivating and Managing People
New Service Management
Not-for-Profit Sector and the lawyer
Organisation Development
Organisational Behaviour in Practice
Organisational Structure and Change
Performance and Talent Management
Personal Financial Planning
Personal Wealth Management
Planning and Control for Small Firms
Professional Relationship Selling
Real Estate Finance and Investment
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Research for Marketing Decisions
Research Foundations for Legal Services
Service Operations Management
Services Marketing Analysis and Strategy
Small and Medium Law Firms Management
Small Law Firms Management and Accounting
Social Change and Community Practice
Sociocultural Concepts for Legal Services
Special Learning Project
Strategic Business Marketing
Strategic Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age
Strategic Firm Management Systems
Strategic Human Resource Management
Strategic Issues in Community Management
Strategic Management
Strategic Management in Legal Firms
Strategic Operations Management
Strategic Procurement
Strategic Resource Management
Strategic Services Marketing
Sustainable Law Firm
The Financial System
The Global Context of Law Firm Management
The Law Firm Business
Understanding Law Firms
Venture Capital and Private Equity
Wealth Management and Legal Services



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