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The general scheme used within several parts of the Encyclopedia of Law (specially in the American Encyclopedia of Law) has been adapted from the LC Classification Outline (Washington: Library of Congress). As resources are incorporated within the Encyclopedia, the classification outline will be refined, with more specific subject categories and their associated ranges added for each class and subclass.

While an increasing number of sites are adopting the Library of Congress classification scheme as a system for organizing information material and resources, specific relationships to other resources are not indicated. Typically, selected resources are classified only at a broad level, and within particular classified groups, only listed alphabetically. While a listing within a broad category does offer the user some assistance in identifying relevant resources, such an arrangement requires a user to review an entire list to be assured that an appropriate resource has not been overlooked.

We believe that a more comprehensive application of the Library of Congress classification system, as it has been implemented within the current version of the Encyclopedia of Law, offers the value-added structure, organization, context, and an appropriate level of specificity and description, that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness in identifying and using relevant and related resources of the Encyclopedia, including entries and essays.

List of Subclasses

  • Subclass KA: General law
  • Subclass KB: Religious law
  • Subclass KBM: Jewish law
  • Subclass KBP: Islamic law
  • Subclass KBR: History of canon law
  • Subclass KBU: Law of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Subclass KCA: Law of Anguilla
  • Subclass KCB: Law of Aruba
  • Subclass KCC: Law of Barbados
  • Subclass KCD: Law of Bonaire
  • Subclass KCE: Law of the British Leeward Islands
  • Subclass KCF: Law of the British Virgin Islands
  • Subclass KCG: Law of the British West Indies
  • Subclass KCH: Law of the British Windward Islands
  • Subclass KCJ: Law of Dominica
  • Subclass KCK: Law of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Subclass KCL: Law of the Dutch Windward Islands
  • Subclass KCM: Law of the French West Indies
  • Subclass KCN: Law of Grenada
  • Subclass KCP: Law of Guadeloupe
  • Subclass KCQ: Law of Martinique
  • Subclass KCR: Law of Montserrat
  • Subclass KCS: Law of Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Subclass KCT: Law of Saint Lucia
  • Subclass KCU: Law of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Subclass KCV: Law of Sint Eustatius
  • Subclass KCW: Law of Sint Maarten
  • Subclass KD*: Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Subclass KDA: Law of the United Kingdom
  • Subclass KDB: Law of England
  • Subclass KDC: Law of Scotland
  • Subclass KDD: Law of Wales
  • Subclass KDE: Law of Northern Ireland
  • Subclass KDG: Law of the Isle of Man and Channel Islands
  • Subclass KDK: Law of Ireland
  • Subclass KDU: History of law in America
  • Subclass KDV: Organization of American States
  • Subclass KDW: Law of Bermuda
  • Subclass KDX: Law of Greenland
  • Subclass KDY: Law of St. Pierre and Miquelon
  • Subclass KDZ: Law of North America
  • Subclass KE*: Law of Canada
  • Subclass KEA: Law of Alberta
  • Subclass KEB: Law of British Columbia
  • Subclass KEJ: Law of Newfoundland
  • Subclass KEK: Law of the Northwest Territories
  • Subclass KEL: Law of Nova Scotia
  • Subclass KEM: Law of Manitoba
  • Subclass KEN: Law of New Brunswick
  • Subclass KEO: Law of Ontario
  • Subclass KEP: Law of Prince Edward Island
  • Subclass KEQ: Law of Quebec
  • Subclass KES: Law of Saskatchewan
  • Subclass KEY: Law of the Yukon Territory
  • Subclass KEZ: Municipal law of Canada
  • Subclass KF*: Law of the United States
  • Subclass KFA: Federal law of the United States
  • Subclass KFB: State law of the United States
  • Subclass KFX: Municipal law of the United States
  • Subclass KFY: Law of the North West Terriotry of the United States
  • Subclass KFZ: Law of the Confederate States of America
  • Subclass KG*: Law of Latin America
  • Subclass KGA: Law of Belize
  • Subclass KGB: Law of Costa Rica
  • Subclass KGC: Law of El Salvador
  • Subclass KGD: Law of Guatemala
  • Subclass KGE: Law of Honduras
  • Subclass KGF: Law of Mexico
  • Subclass KGG: Law of Nicaragua
  • Subclass KGH: Law of Panama
  • Subclass KGI: Law of the Panama Canal Zone
  • Subclass KGJ: Law of the Caribbean
  • Subclass KGK: Law of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Subclass KGL: Law of the Bahamas
  • Subclass KGM: Law of the Cayman Islands
  • Subclass KGN: Law of Cuba
  • Subclass KGP: Law of Curaçao
  • Subclass KGQ: Law of Dominican Republic
  • Subclass KGR: Law of the Dutch Leeward Islands
  • Subclass KGS: Law of Haiti
  • Subclass KGT: Law of Jamaica
  • Subclass KGU: Law of the Navassa Islands
  • Subclass KGV: Law of Puerto Rico
  • Subclass KGW: Law of Saba
  • Subclass KGX: Law of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Subclass KGY: Law of the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Subclass KGZ: Law of the Virgin Islands of the United States
  • Subclass KH*: Law of South America
  • Subclass KHA: Law of Argentina
  • Subclass KHC: Law of Bolivia
  • Subclass KHD: Law of Brazil
  • Subclass KHF: Law of Chile
  • Subclass KHH: Law of Colombia
  • Subclass KHK: Law of Ecuador
  • Subclass KHL: Law of the Falkland Islands
  • Subclass KHM: Law of French Guiana
  • Subclass KHN: Law of Guyana
  • Subclass KHP: Law of Paraguay
  • Subclass KHQ: Law of Peru
  • Subclass KHS: Law of Surinam
  • Subclass KHU: Law of Uruguay
  • Subclass KHW: Law of Venezuela
  • Subclass KJ*: Law of Europe
  • Subclass KJA: Roman law
  • Subclass KJB: History of law in Europe
  • Subclass KJC: Regional comparative and uniform law of Europe
  • Subclass KJD: Germanic Law
  • Subclass KJE: Regional organization and integration of Europe
  • Subclass KJG: Law of Albania
  • Subclass KJH: Law of Andorra
  • Subclass KJJ: Law of Austria
  • Subclass KJK: Law of Belgium
  • Subclass KJM: Law of Bulgaria
  • Subclass KJN: Law of Cyprus
  • Subclass KJP: Law of the Czech Republic
  • Subclass KJQ: Law of Slovakia
  • Subclass KJR: Law of Denmark
  • Subclass KJS: Law of Estonia
  • Subclass KJT: Law of Finland
  • Subclass KJU: Law of France
  • Subclass KJV: National Laws of France
  • Subclass KJW: Regional Law of France
  • Subclass KK*: Law of Germany
  • Subclass KKA: Law of East Germany
  • Subclass KKB: Regional Law of Germany
  • Subclass KKE: Law of Greece
  • Subclass KKF: Law of Hungary
  • Subclass KKG: Law of Iceland
  • Subclass KKH: Law of Italy
  • Subclass KKI: Law of Latvia
  • Subclass KKJ: Law of Liechtenstein
  • Subclass KKK: Law of Luxembourg
  • Subclass KKL: Law of Monaco
  • Subclass KKM: Law of the Netherlands
  • Subclass KKN: Law of Norway
  • Subclass KKO: Law of Malta
  • Subclass KKP: Law of Poland
  • Subclass KKQ: Law of Portugal
  • Subclass KKR: Law of Romania
  • Subclass KKS: Law of San Marino
  • Subclass KKT: Law of Spain
  • Subclass KKV: Law of Sweden
  • Subclass KKW: Law of Switzerland
  • Subclass KKX: Law of Turkey
  • Subclass KKY: Law of Ukraine
  • Subclass KKZ: Law of Yugoslavia
  • Subclass KL*: History of law in Asia
  • Subclass KLA: Law of Imperial and Soviet Russia
  • Subclass KLB: Law of Russia
  • Subclass KLD: Law of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic
  • Subclass KLE: Law of Azerbaijan
  • Subclass KLF: Law of Belarus
  • Subclass KLH: Law of Georgia ( country )
  • Subclass KLJ: Law of Lithuania
  • Subclass KLM: Law of Moldova
  • Subclass KLN: Law of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic
  • Subclass KLO: Law of the Transcaucasian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic
  • Subclass KLP: Law of Ukraine
  • Subclass KLQ: Law of the Bukhara People’s Soviet Republic
  • Subclass KLR: Law of Kazakhstan
  • Subclass KLS: Law of Kyrgyzstan
  • Subclass KLT: Law of Tadjikistan
  • Subclass KLU: Law of the Khorezm Socialist Soviet Republic
  • Subclass KLV: Law of Turkmenistan
  • Subclass KLW: Law of Uzbekistan
  • Subclass KM*: Law of Asia
  • Subclass KMA: Law of the Middle East
  • Subclass KMB: Law of Bahrain
  • Subclass KMC: Regional comparative and uniform law of the Middle East
  • Subclass KME: Regional organization and integration of the Middle East
  • Subclass KMF: Law of Armenia
  • Subclass KMG: Law of Palestine
  • Subclass KMH: Law of Iran
  • Subclass KMJ: Law of Iraq
  • Subclass KMK: Law of Israel
  • Subclass KML: Law of Jerusalem
  • Subclass KMM: Law of Jordan
  • Subclass KMN: Law of Kuwait
  • Subclass KMP: Law of Lebanon
  • Subclass KMQ: Law of Oman
  • Subclass KMS: Law of Qatar
  • Subclass KMT: Law of Saudi Arabia
  • Subclass KMU: Law of Syria
  • Subclass KMV: Law of the United Arab Emirates
  • Subclass KMX: Law of Yemen
  • Subclass KMY: Law of the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen
  • Subclass KN*: Law of South East Asia
  • Subclass KNC: Regional comparative and uniform law of South East Asia
  • Subclass KNE: Regional organization and integration of South East Asia
  • Subclass KNF: Law of Afghanistan
  • Subclass KNG: Law of Bangladesh
  • Subclass KNH: Law of Bhutan
  • Subclass KNK: Law of Brunei
  • Subclass KNL: Law of Burma
  • Subclass KNM: Law of Cambodia
  • Subclass KNN: Law of Imperial China
  • Subclass KNP: Law of the Republic of China? (aka Taiwan)
  • Subclass KNQ: Law of China
  • Subclass KNR: Law of Hong Kong
  • Subclass KNS: Law of India
  • Subclass KNT: State law of India
  • Subclass KNU: Municipal law of India
  • Subclass KNV: Law of French Indochina
  • Subclass KNW: Law of Indonesia
  • Subclass KNX: Law of Japan
  • Subclass KNY: Municipal law of Japan
  • Subclass KPA: Law of South Korea
  • Subclass KPC: Law of North Korea
  • Subclass KPE: Law of Laos
  • Subclass KPF: Law of Macao
  • Subclass KPG: Law of Malaysia
  • Subclass KPH: Law of the states of East and West Malaysia
  • Subclass KPI: Law of the Maldives
  • Subclass KPJ: Law of Mongolia
  • Subclass KPK: Law of Nepal
  • Subclass KPL: Law of Pakistan
  • Subclass KPM: Law of the Philippines
  • Subclass KPP: Law of Singapore
  • Subclass KPS: Law of Sri Lanka
  • Subclass KPT: Law of Thailand
  • Subclass KPV: Law of Vietnam
  • Subclass KPW: Law of South Vietnam
  • Subclass KQ*: Law of Africa
  • Subclass KQA: History of law in Africa
  • Subclass KQC: Regional comparative and uniform law of Africa
  • Subclass KQE: Regional organization and integration of Africa
  • Subclass KQG: Law of Algeria
  • Subclass KQH: Law of Angola
  • Subclass KQJ: Law of Benin
  • Subclass KQK: Law of Botswana
  • Subclass KQM: Law of the British Central Africa Protectorate
  • Subclass KQP: Law of the British Indian Ocean Territory
  • Subclass KQQ: Law of British Somaliland
  • Subclass KQT: Law of Burkina Faso
  • Subclass KQV: Law of Burundi
  • Subclass KQW: Law of Cameroon
  • Subclass KQX: Law of Cape Verde
  • Subclass KRB: Law of the Central African Republic
  • Subclass KRC: Law of Chad
  • Subclass KRE: Law of Comoros
  • Subclass KRG: Law of Congo
  • Subclass KRK: Law of Djibouti
  • Subclass KRL: Law of the East Africa Protectorate
  • Subclass KRM: Law of Egypt
  • Subclass KRN: Law of Eritrea
  • Subclass KRP: Law of Ethiopia
  • Subclass KRR: Law of French Equatorial Africa
  • Subclass KRS: Law of French West Africa
  • Subclass KRU: Law of Gabon
  • Subclass KRV: Law of Gambia
  • Subclass KRW: Law of German East Africa
  • Subclass KRX: Law of Ghana
  • Subclass KRY: Law of Gibraltar
  • Subclass KSA: Law of Guinea
  • Subclass KSC: Law of Guinea-Bissau
  • Subclass KSE: Law of Equatorial Guinea
  • Subclass KSF: Law of Ifni
  • Subclass KSG: Law of Italian East Africa
  • Subclass KSH: Law of Côte dÂ’Ivoire
  • Subclass KSI: Law of Italian Somaliland
  • Subclass KSK: Law of Kenya
  • Subclass KSL: Law of Lesotho
  • Subclass KSM: Law of Mayotte
  • Subclass KSN: Law of Liberia
  • Subclass KSP: Law of Libya
  • Subclass KSR: Law of Madagascar
  • Subclass KSS: Law of Malawi
  • Subclass KST: Law of Mali
  • Subclass KST: Law of Micronesia
  • Subclass KSU: Law of Mauritania
  • Subclass KSV: Law of Mauritius
  • Subclass KSV: Law of the Midway Islands
  • Subclass KSW: Law of Morocco
  • Subclass KSX: Law of Mozambique
  • Subclass KSY: Law of Namibia
  • Subclass KSZ: Law of Niger
  • Subclass KTA: Law of Nigeria
  • Subclass KTC: Law of Réunion
  • Subclass KTD: Law of Rwanda
  • Subclass KTE: Law of Saint Helena
  • Subclass KTF: Law of São Tomé and Principe
  • Subclass KTG: Law of Senegal
  • Subclass KTH: Law of Seychelles
  • Subclass KTJ: Law of Sierra Leone
  • Subclass KTK: Law of Somalia
  • Subclass KTL: Law of South Africa
  • Subclass KTN: Law of Spanish West Africa
  • Subclass KTO: Law of Spanish Sahara
  • Subclass KTQ: Law of Sudan
  • Subclass KTR: Law of Swaziland
  • Subclass KTS: Law of Zanzibar
  • Subclass KTT: Law of Tanzania
  • Subclass KTU: Law of Togo
  • Subclass KTV: Law of Tunisia
  • Subclass KTW: Law of Uganda
  • Subclass KTX: Law of Zaire
  • Subclass KTY: Law of Zambia
  • Subclass KTZ: Law of Zimbabwe
  • Subclass KU*: Law of Oceania
  • Subclass KUA: Law of Australia
  • Subclass KUB: Law of New South Wales
  • Subclass KUC: Law of the Northern Territory
  • Subclass KUD: Law of Queensland
  • Subclass KUE: Law of South Australia
  • Subclass KUF: Law of Tasmania
  • Subclass KUG: Law of Victoria
  • Subclass KUH: Law of Western Australia
  • Subclass KUI: Law of the Ashmore and Cartier Islands
  • Subclass KUJ: Law of Christmas Island
  • Subclass KUK: Law of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • Subclass KUL: Law of the Coral Sea Islands Territory
  • Subclass KUN: Law of Norfolk Island
  • Subclass KUQ: Law of New Zealand
  • Subclass KVA: History of law in Oceania
  • Subclass KVB: Regional comparative and uniform law of Australia and New Zealand
  • Subclass KVC: Regional comparative and uniform law of Oceania
  • Subclass KVE: Regional organization and integration of Oceania
  • Subclass KVH: Law of American Samoa
  • Subclass KVJ: Law of British New Guinea
  • Subclass KVL: Law of the Cook Islands
  • Subclass KVM: Law of Easter Island
  • Subclass KVN: Law of Fiji
  • Subclass KVO: Law of German New Guinea
  • Subclass KVP: Law of French Polynesia
  • Subclass KVQ: Law of Guam
  • Subclass KVR: Law of Kiribati
  • Subclass KVS: Law of the Marshall Islands
  • Subclass KVU: Law of Nauru
  • Subclass KVW: Law of New Caledonia
  • Subclass KVX: Law of Netherlands New Guinea
  • Subclass KWA: Law of Niue
  • Subclass KWC: Law of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • Subclass KWE: Law of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
  • Subclass KWG: Law of Palau
  • Subclass KWH: Law of Papua New Guinea
  • Subclass KWL: Law of Pitcairn Island
  • Subclass KWM: Law of the Solomon Islands
  • Subclass KWP: Law of Tonga
  • Subclass KWQ: Law of Tuvalu
  • Subclass KWR: Law of Vanuatu
  • Subclass KWT: Law of Wake Island
  • Subclass KWU: Law of Wallis and Futuna
  • Subclass KWW: Law of Western Samoa
  • Subclass KWX: Law of Antarctica
  • Subclass KZ*: Law of nations
  • Subclass KZA: Law of the sea
  • Subclass KZD: Law of outer space



Law in General. Comparative and Uniform Law. Jurisprudence

KB-KBU – Religious law

KB – General and comparative religious law
KBM – Jewish law . Halakhah
KBP – Islamic law. Sharia
KBR – History of canon law (Christian) to late 19th cent.
KBS – Canon law of post-schism Eastern Christian churches This schedule is currently under development
KBU – Canon law of the Roman Catholic Church

KD-KDK – British Isles

KD – United Kingdom. England. Wales
KDC – Scotland
KDE – Northern Ireland
KDG – Isle of Man. Channel Islands
KDK – Ireland


KDZ – Western hemisphere (general & comparative). North America (general & comparative). Bermuda. Greenland. St. Pierre et Miquelon

KE-KEZ – Canada

KE – Canada (general)
KEA – Alberta
KEB – British Columbia
KEM – Manitoba
KEN – New Brunswick. Newfoundland. Northwest Territories. Nova Scotia. Nunavut
KEO – Ontario
KEP – Prince Edward Island
KEQ РQu̩bec
KES – Saskatchewan
KEY – Yukon Territory
KEZ – Cities, towns, etc.

KF-KFZ – United States

KF – United States Law (general)

KF 16-153 Legislative Documents, Statutes, Reports
KF 154-170 Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Formbooks
KF 220-224 Criminal Trials
KF 240-251 Legal Research and Writing
KF 261-334 Legal Education and Legal Profession
KF 350-382 U.S. Legal History and Jurisprudence
KF 332 State Bar Journals
KF 398-418 Equity, Conflicts of Law
KF 501-553 Domestic Relations, Family Law
KF 560-720 Property
KF 726-780 Trusts, Estate Planning, Wills
KF 801-1241 Contracts
KF 1246-1327 Torts
KF 1341-1480 Agency, Associations, Corporations
KF 1501-1548 Bankruptcy
KF 1601-1668 Trade Regulations, Antitrust
KF 1681-2940 Regulated Industries
KF 2971-3192 Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trademark and Patent Law
KF 3301-3580 Labor Law, Employment Discrimination
KF 3941-3977 Public Safety
KF 4101-4257 Education
KF 4501-5130 Constitutional Law
KF 5300-5332 Local Government Law
KF 5336-5398 Government Employees
KF 5500-5865 Public Property, Public Restraints on Private Property
KF 6200-6795 Public Finance, Taxation
KF 7201-7755 National Defense, Military Law
KF 8201-8228 Indian Law
KF 8700-8807 Court Organization and Procedure
KF 8810-9075 Civil Procedure
KF 9201-9479 Criminal Law
KF 9601-9760 Criminal Law and Practice
KF 9771-9827 Juvenile Criminal Law and Practice

KFA-KFW – Individual States

(Law of Individual States)
KFA 0-599 Alabama
KFA 1200-1799 Alaska
KFA 2400-2999 Arizona
KFA 3600-4199 Arkansas
KFC 0-1199 California
KFC 1800-2399 Colorado
KFC 3600-4199 Connecticut
KFD 0-599 Delaware
KFD 1200-1799 District of Columbia
KFF 0-599 Florida
KFG 0-599 Georgia
KFH 0-599 Hawaii
KFI 0-599 Idaho
KFI 1200-1799 Illinois
KFI 3000-3599 Indiana
KFI 4200-4799 Iowa
KFK 0-599 Kansas
KFK 1200-1799 Kentucky
KFL 0-599 Louisiana
KFM 0-599 Maine
KFM 1200-1799 Maryland
KFM 2400-2999 Massachusetts
KFM 4200-4799 Michigan
KFM 5400-5999 Minnesota
KFM 6600-7199 Mississippi
KFM 7800-8399 Missouri
KFM 9000-9599 Montana
KFN 0-599 Nebraska
KFN 600-1199 Nevada
KFN 1200-1799 New Hampshire
KFN 1800-2399 New Jersey
KFN 3600-4199 New Mexico
KFN 5000-6199 New York
KFN 7400-7999 North Carolina
KFN 8600-9199 North Dakota
KFO 0-599 Ohio
KFO 1200-1799 Oklahoma
KFO 2400-2999 Oregon
KFP 0-599 Pennsylvania
KFR 0-599 Rhode Island
KFS 1800-2399 South Carolina
KFS 3000-3599 South Dakota
KFT 0-599 Tennessee
KFT 1200-1799 Texas
KFU 0-599 Utah
KFV 0-599 Vermont
KFV 2400-2999 Virginia
KFW 0-599 Washington
KFW 1200-1799 West Virginia
KFW 2400-2999 Wisconsin
KFW 4200-4799 Wyoming

KFX – Cities, towns, etc.

(Law of Individual Cities)
KFZ – Extinct jurisdictions. Confederate States of America

KG-KHW – Latin America & Caribbean

KG – Latin America (general & comparative). Central America & Caribbean (general & comparative)

KGA – Belize
KGB – Costa Rica
KGC – El Salvador
KGD – Guatemala
KGE – Honduras
KGF – Mexico
KGG – Nicaragua
KGH – Panama
KGJ – West Indies & Caribbean area (general & comparative). Anguilla
KGK – Antigua & Barbuda. Aruba
KGL – Bahamas. Barbados. British Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands, West Indies, Windward Islands
KGM – Cayman Islands
KGN – Cuba
KGP РCura̤ao. Dominica
KGQ – Dominican Republic.
KGR – Dutch Leeward Islands, West Indies, Windward Islands. French West Indies, Grenada, Guadeloupe
KGS – Haiti
KGT – Jamaica. Martinique. Montserrat
KGU – Navassa islands
KGV – Puerto Rico
KGW – Saba. St Kitts, Nevis & Anguilla. St. Lucia. St. Vincent & the Grenadines. St. Eustatius. St. Maarten
KGX – Trinidad & Tobago
KGY – Turks & Caicos Islands

KH – South America (general & comparative)

KHA – Argentina
KHC – Bolivia
KHD – Brazil
KHF – Chile
KHH – Colombia
KHK – Ecuador
KHL – Falkland Islands
KHM – French Guiana
KHN – Guyana
KHP – Paraguay
KHQ – Peru
KHR – South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
KHS – Suriname
KHU – Uruguay
KHW – Venezuela

KJ-KKZ – Europe


KJ – History of law in Europe. Law of ancient European tribes (Celts, etc.)
KJA – Roman law. Byzantine law
KJC – Regional and comparative law
KJE – Regional organization and integration. European Union
KJG – Albania
KJH – Andorra
KJJ – Austria
KJK – Belgium. Bosnia & Hercegovina (1992-; cf. KKZ)
KJM – Bulgaria. Croatia (1992-; cf. KKZ)
KJN – Cyprus
KJP – Czechoslovakia. Czech Republic (1993-)
KJQ – Slovakia (1993-)
KJR – Denmark
KJS – Estonia
KJT – Finland
KJV – France (general)
KJW – France (regions, provinces, departments, etc.; cities, towns, etc.)


KK – Germany. West Germany
KKA – East Germany
KKB – German states and provinces (A-Pr)
KKC – German states and provinces (Ps-Z)
KKE – Greece
KKF – Hungary
KKG – Iceland
KKH – Italy
KKI – Latvia
KKJ – Liechtenstein. Lithuania
KKK – Luxembourg. Macedonia (1992-; cf. KKZ). Malta
KKL – Monaco
KKM – Netherlands
KKN – Norway
KKP – Poland
KKQ – Portugal
KKR – Romania
KKS – San Marino. Serbia & Montenegro (2003-; cf. KKZ). Slovenia (1992-)
KKT – Spain
KKV – Sweden
KKW – Switzerland
KKX – Turkey
KKY – Ukraine (post-Soviet, 1991-; cf. KLP)
KKZ – Yugoslavia

KL-KPW – Asia and Eurasia


KL – History of law in the ancient Middle East (Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, etc.). Eurasia (general & comparative)
KLA – Russia (pre-Soviet). Soviet Union (general). Commonwealth of Independent States
KLB – Russia (Federation, 1992-; cf. KLA, KLN)
KLD – Armenia (to 1991; cf. KMF)
KLE – Azerbaijan
KLF – Belarus
KLH – Georgia
KLM – Moldova
KLN – Russia (as a Soviet Republic; cf. KLA, KLB)
KLP – Ukraine (as a Soviet Republic; cf. KKY). Transcaucasian Federation
KLQ – Bukharskaia N.S.R.
KLR – Kazakhstan. Khorezmskaia S.S.R.
KLS – Kyrgyzstan
KLT – Tajikistan
KLV – Turkmenistan
KLW – Uzbekistan


KM – Asia (general & comparative)
KMC – Middle East. Southwest Asia (regional comparative and uniform law)
KME – Middle East. Southwest Asia (regional organization and integration)
KMF – Armenia (1991-; cf. KLD). Bahrain
KMG – Gaza (cf. KMM)
KMH – Iran
KMJ – Iraq
KMK – Israel
KML – Jerusalem
KMM – Jordan. West Bank. Palestinian National Authority
KMN – Kuwait
KMP – Lebanon
KMQ – Oman. Palestine (to 1948)
KMS – Qatar
KMT – Saudi Arabia
KMU – Syria
KMV – United Arab Emirates
KMX – Yemen.
KMY – Yemen, South (to 1990)


KNC – South Asia. Southeast Asia. East Asia (regional comparative and uniform law)
KNE – South Asia. Southeast Asia. East Asia (regional organization and integration)
KNF – Afghanistan
KNG – Bangladesh
KNH – Bhutan
KNK – Brunei
KNL – Burma
KNM – Cambodia
KNN – China (to 1949)
KNP – Taiwan (1949-)
KNQ – China (People’s Republic, 1949-)
KNR – Hong Kong (to 1997)
KNS – India (general)
KNT – India (States and union territories, A-L)
KNU – India (States and union territories, M-Z; cities, towns, etc.)
KNV – French Indochina (to 1946)
KNW – Indonesia. East Timor
KNX – Japan (general & prefectures)
KNY – Japan (cities, towns, etc.)


KPA – Korea. South Korea
KPC – North Korea
KPE – Laos
KPF – Macau (to 1999)
KPG – Malaysia
KPH – Malaysia (cont.). Maldives
KPJ – Mongolia
KPK – Nepal
KPL – Pakistan
KPM – Philippines
KPP – Singapore
KPS – Sri Lanka
KPT – Thailand
KPV – Vietnam (to 1945). North Vietnam (1945-1975). Vietnam (1975-)
KPW – South Vietnam

KQ-KTZ – Africa


KQ – History of law in Africa. Extinct jurisdictions. Customary law
KQC – Regional comparative and uniform law
KQE – Regional organization and integration
KQG – Algeria
KQH – Angola
KQJ – Benin
KQK – Botswana
KQM – British Central Africa Protectorate
KQP – British Somaliland (to 1960)
KQT – Burkina Faso
KQV – Burundi
KQW – Cameroon
KQX – Cape Verde


KRB – Central African Republic
KRC – Chad
KRE – Comoros
KRG – Congo (Brazzaville)
KRK – Djibouti
KRL – East Africa Protectorate
KRM – Egypt (United Arab Republic) (cf. KL)
KRN – Eritrea
KRP – Ethiopia
KRR – French Equatorial Africa
KRS – French West Africa
KRU – Gabon
KRV – Gambia
KRW – German East Africa
KRX – Ghana
KRY – Gibraltar


KSA – Guinea
KSC – Guinea-Bissau
KSE – Equatorial Guinea. Ifni
KSG – Italian East Africa. Italian Somaliland
KSH – Côte d’Ivoire
KSK – Kenya
KSL – Lesotho
KSN – Liberia
KSP – Libya
KSR – Madagascar
KSS – Malawi
KST – Mali
KSU – Mauritania
KSV – Mauritius. Mayotte
KSW – Morocco
KSX – Mozambique
KSY – Namibia
KSZ – Niger


KTA – Nigeria
KTC РR̩union
KTD – Rwanda
KTE – Saint Helena
KTF – Sao Tome and Principe
KTG – Senegal
KTH – Seychelles
KTJ – Sierra Leone
KTK – Somalia
KTL – South Africa
KTN – Spanish West Africa. Spanish Sahara
KTQ – Sudan
KTR – Swaziland
KTT – Tanzania
KTU – Togo
KTV – Tunisia
KTW – Uganda
KTX – Congo (Democratic Republic). Zaire
KTY – Zambia. Zanzibar
KTZ – Zimbabwe

KU-KWW – Pacific area

[etc. — incomplete]

KWX – Antarctica

KZ – Law of Nations. International law

KZA – Law of the sea

KZD – Space law. Law of outer space
(Old schedule (1995): KZ to KZB: law of nations; subclasses KZ: science of the law of nations; KZA: law and legal regimes governing common spaces (general); KZAlQOO+ : law of the sea; KZB: law of air and space. KZ has been expanded to subclasses KZA, Law of the Sea, and KZB, Law of Outer Space, the Moon, and other celestial bodies)

K Tables

Form Division Tables for Law

International (Public) Law

KZ – Law of Nations

KZ2-6795 Law of nations
KZ2-5.5 Bibliography
KZ24-38 Societies, etc.
KZ27-37 National
KZ(60)-62.5 Intergovernmental congresses and conferences
KZ(63)-1152 Sources. Fontes juris gentium
KZ118-194 Treaties and other international agreements
KZ119-165 To 1920
KZ170-173 1920-
KZ176-182.5 Boundary Treaties
KZ183-183.5 Treaties of arbitration, investigation, etc.
KZ184-194 Peace treaties
KZ199-218 Judicial decisions and arbitral awards. Law reports
KZ221-1152 By region or country
KZ1165-1208 Trials
KZ1168-1208 War crime trials
KZ1234-1236 Legal Research . Legal Bibliography
KZ1249-1252 International law and other disciplines
KZ1255-1273 Theory and principles
KZ1267-1273 Domain of the law of nations
KZ1284-1285.5 Methodology
KZ1287-1296 Codification of the law of nations
KZ1298-1304 The law of treaties. System of treaty law
KZ(1319)-(1327) International legal regimes
KZ1329-3085 Early/Medieval development to ca. 1900. Ius Naturae et Gentium
KZ1330-1339 Peace of Westphalia to the French Revolution (1648-1789)
KZ1345-1369 French Revolution to the American Civil War (1789-1861)
KZ1373-1387.2 American Civil War to the First Conference of the Hague
KZ2064-3085 Publicists. Writers on public international law
KZ3092-3405 20th century
KZ3110-3405 Publicists. Writers on public international law
KZ3410 21st century
KZ3670-3881 Objects of the law of nations. Territory and its different parts
KZ3900-(5490) The international legal community and members
KZ3910-(5490) Subjects of the law of nations
KZ4002-4080 The state
KZ4110 By region
KZ4112-4820 By state
KZ4850-(5490) Intergovernmental organizations. IGOs
KZ4853-(4934) The League of Nations
KZ(4935)-5275 The United Nations
KZ(5330)-(5490) Regional organizations
KZ5510-6299 International law of peace and peace enforcement
KZ5586-5893 The system of collective security
KZ5615-5893 Arms control and disarmament regimes
KZ5637-5645 Conventional arms control
KZ5647-5686 Nuclear (Strategic) arms limitation
KZ5687-5788.5 Nuclear weapon free zones and zones of peace
KZ5834-5865 Other weapons of mass destruction
KZ5870-5893 Mutual and balanced reduction of armed forces
KZ5900-5967 Military pact systems for collective self-defense
KZ6009-6299 Pacific settlement of international disputes and conflict resolution
KZ6115-6299 Arbitration and adjudication
KZ6350-6785 Enforced settlement of international disputes
KZ6360-6373 Non-military coercion
KZ6374-(6377) Threat of force
KZ6378-6795 Law of war and neutrality. Jus belli
KZ6427-6437 Warfare on land
KZ6440-6530 Humanitarian law
KZ6540-6660 Warfare on sea
KZ6665-6714 Air warfare
KZ6730-6785 The end of war. Armistice. Surrender. Postliminy

JZ – International Relations

JZ5-6530 International relations
JZ5.5-18 Periodicals
JZ24-38 Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc., for the study of international relations
JZ63-1153 Sources
JZ221-1153 By region or country
JZ1249-1254 Relation to other disciplines and topics
JZ1305-2060 Scope of international relations. Political theory. Diplomacy
JZ1329.5-1395 By period
JZ1400-1454 Diplomatic and consular service
JZ1464-2060 Scope of international relations with regard to countries, territories, regions, etc.
JZ3674-3875 State territory and its parts
JZ3685 Boundaries
JZ3686-3875 International waters
JZ4835-5490 International Organizations and associations
JZ4841-4848 Political non governmental organizations. NGOs
JZ4850-5490 Intergovernmental organizations. IGOs
JZ4853-4934 League of Nations
JZ4935-5160 United Nations
JZ5511.2-6300 Promotion of peace. Peaceful change
JZ5514-5526 Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc., for peace promotion, research and Education
JZ5527-5532 Congresses and conferences
JZ5587-6009 International Security . Disarmament. Global survival
JZ6010-6060 Pacific settlement of international disputes
JZ6360-6377 Non-military coercion
JZ6385-6405 The armed conflict. War and order
JZ6422-6422.5 Neutrality. Non participation in wars. Norms of neutrality
JZ6530 Humanitarian aspects of war





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