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Classification of Law Materials

Moys Classification of Law Materials was developed for common law collections and is widely used in academic and law libraries across the world (specially in Australia). A Moys call number or notation uses a combination of letters and numbers. The first element is the letter K (like in the Library of Congress), which is usually followed by another letter, then a group of numbers, and a Cutter number. The second call number follows the Dewey Decimal Classification (340 etc.).


The Moys Classification is divided into a number of sections:

  • Synopsis – provides a useful overview of the scheme, similar to the summaries in the Dewey Decimal Classification
  • Schedules- provides the classification numbers
  • Tables- used to build numbers
  • Index of jurisdictions -gives the classification numbers for particular countries and
    the cutter numbers for countries when dividing by jurisdiction A-Z
  • Index

Synopsis of the Moys Classification:

The following synopsis lists the major divisions of the classification scheme. For the full scheme see Moys classification and thesaurus for legal materials.
=== General and Non-National Legal Systems ===

K Journals and Reference Books 340

K1–28 Journals 340.01

K29–79 Bibliography 340.02–04

K80–90 Library and information science 340.05

K100–107 Legal writing, publishing 340.06

K110–114 Abbreviations, etc 340.07

K120–126 Dictionaries, etc 340.08

K140 Encyclopedias (general) 340.089

K150–180 Directories 340.09

K200 Maps, etc. 340.099

KA Jurisprudence 340.1

KB General and Comparative Law 340

KB10–22 Biography, memoirs etc 340.31–35

KB30–35 Legal miscellany 340.37

KB40–66 Popular accounts 340.4

KB100–250 Comparative law 340.5–6

KC International Law 341

KC10–65 Primary materials 341.11–16

KC71–76 Reference materials 341.17

KC80–86 General works 341.19

Public international law, which covers:

KC100–136 General, history, theory etc 341.2–23

KC140–199 The State 341.24–31

KC200–209 Human rights 341.33

KC210–219 International Criminal Law 341.35–39

KC220–239 International economic law 341.4–43

KC240–242 Social laws 341.44–442

KC243 Environmental law 341.444–4444

KC245 Nuclear energy 341.448

KC250–255 Transport 341.45

KC256–259 Communications 341.46

KC260–277 International maritime law 341.47–48

KC280–284 Outer space 341.49

KC300–317 International relations 341.5–53

KC320–329 Diplomacy 341.54–5

KC330–339 Treaties 341.56–9

KC340–1199 International Organizations 341.6

KC1200–1319 International disputes, courts etc 341.7

KC1350–1425 War 341.8

KC2000–2150 Conflict of laws 341.9

KD Religious Legal Systems 342

KD10–39 General 342.1

KD60–890 Jewish law 342.2

KD100–590 Christian churches 342.3–6

KD600–680 Islamic law 342.7

KD700–780 Hindu law 342.8

KD800–980 Others 342.9

KE Ancient and Medieval Law 343

KE5–20 General 343.1

KE21–29 Ancient Near East 343.2

KE30–95 Hellenistic law 343.3

KE100–250 Roman law 343.1

KE251–300 Byzantine law 343.5

KE310–340 Other ancient European systems 343.6

KE350–380 Medieval and Pre-Napoleonic European law 343.7

KE400–480 Roman–Dutch law 343.8

KE500–540 Others 343.9

=== Modern Nation Legal Systems ===

KF–KN Common law 344–347

KF Primary materials 344

KG British Isles

KH Canada, US, West Indies

Treatises, wich covers:

KL General 345

kL1–44 Legal system 345.1

KL50–119 Legal profession 345.17

KL130–149 Legal Education 345.178

KL155–179 Legal Research , law reform 345.19

KL200–319 Administration of justice 345.2–7

KL400–480 Legal history 345.8–9

KM Public Law 346

KM1–29 General 346.01

Constitutional and Administrative law, which covers:

KM31–141 General 346.1–2
KM171–207 Citizens 346.3–35
KM208–229 Civil and human rights 346.36
KM231–259 Government 346.37–8
KM300–307 Administrative law 346.4
KM331–359 Public finance, taxation 346.5
KM361–391 Local government 346.6
KM400–416 Military law 346.7

Criminal law and procedure, which covers:

KM500–565 General, crimes 346.8
KM570–690 Criminal procedure, law enforcement 346.9

KN Private Law 347

KN(1)–(4) Conflict of laws (alternative) 347.(1–4)

KN10–25 Contract, agency 347.1

KN30–39 Tort 347.2

Property, which covers:

KN50–58 General 347.3–3057
KN60–98 Real property 347.31–35
KN100–118 Personal property 347.36–37
KN120–143 Inheritance and succession 347.38–39

Persons and social laws, which covers:

KN150–169 Persons 347.4

KN170–176 Family law 347.42

KN180–182 Social services, Education 347.43–347.445

KN185 Public health, medical law 347.446–9

KN186 Controls in the public interest 347.45

KN190–198 Industrial law and relations 347.46

KN200–235 Equity 347.5

Commercial law, which covers:

KN250–256 General, trade, etc 347.6–619

KN260–279 Business associations, industries 347.62–64

KN280–287 Sale of goods 347.65–67

KN290–295 Insurance 347.68–69

KN300–315 Finance, investment 347.7

KN320–329 Transport (non-maritime) 347.81–82

KN330–338 Maritime law 347.86

KN340–349 Communications law, computer law 347.84–89

KN350–399 Procedure (general and civil) 347.9

KP–KW Other Modern Legal Systems

KP Preferred Jurisdiction 348

KR Africa 349.6

KS Latin America 349.8

KT Asia And Pacific 349.5

KVEurope 349.4

KW European Union law (Alternative)

KZ Non- Legal subjects

Selected Subject guide to the Moys Classification Scheme

Some examples of the Moys classification scheme with relevance to library resources for
law students may include (but are not limited to) the following ranges:

Aboriginal Title KN 62
Accounting KN 307.1
Administration of Justice KL 200-319
Administrative Law KM 300-307
Agency KN 25
Alternative Dispute Resolution KN 398
Ancient and Medieval Law KE
Auditing KN 307.5
Australia – Administrative law KM 300
Australia – Commerce KN 253.9.K1
Australia – Constitutional law KM 76
Australian Aborigines – Legal status, laws, etc. KN 154.3
Australian legal history KL 416
Australian real property law & land law KN 50-60
Banking Law KN 303
Business Associations, Industries KN 260-275
Children & Young Persons KN 176
Citators K 112-
Civil Rights KN 201
Commercial Law KN 250-349
Company Law KN 261-265
Comparative Law KB 100-250
Competition Law KN 266
Computer Crime KM 565 .C5
Computer Law KN 347-348
Conflict of Laws KC 2000
Constitutional history – Australia KM 76.007
Constitutional Law KM 31-299
Consumer Law KN 284
Contract Law KN 10-25
Copyright Law KN 112
Corporations – Accounting KN 264.2
Corporations KN 261-265
Courts KL 220-229
Criminal Evidence KM 600-608
Criminal Justice KM 570-799
Criminal Law KM 500-599
Criminal Procedure KM 570-599
Criminology KM 700-799
Dictionaries (English, Maori Language) KZ PE
Dictionaries (Legal) K 120-126
Dictionaries (Subject specicalised) K 126
Directories K 150-180
English language – Dictionaries K 120
English language – Grammar (and Usage) K 126
Environmental Law KN 94-95
Equity KN 200-235
Evidence KN 390-397
Executive power KM 111-140
Family Law KN 170-179
Finance KN 300-315
Financial Statements – Law and Legislation KN 264.2
Fisheries KN 338, KH 348 .W144
Government and the Press KM 85.1
Human Rights KC 200-208
Indigenous Peoples (Civil Rights) KM 208-431
Industrial Law KN 190-199
Inheritance and Succession KN 120-143
Insurance Law KN 290-295
Intellectual Property KN 111-118
International Business Enterprises KC 2128
International criminal law KC 210
International Finance KC 222
International Law KC
Judicial power KM 141
Jurisprudence KA
Labour Law KN 190-199
Land Law KN 60-93
Law Enforcement KM
Law Reform KL 160-199
Legal Biography KB 1-10
Legal History KL 400-480
Legal Miscellany, Humour, etc KB 30-35
Legal Personality KN 160-169
Legal Profession KL 50-119
Legal research KL 155
Legal System KL 1-36
Legislative Bodies (Parliament) KM 82-86
Legislative Power KM 82
Local Government KM 361-391
Maritime Law KN 330-339
Mediation KN 398
Native title (Australia) KN 72.4
Native title KN 72.4
Negotiation KN 398.6
Obligations KN 5-9
Partnerships KN 267
Patents KN 114.1
Personal Property KN 100-118
Persons, Social Laws KN 150-198
Planning Law KN 96
Police KM 615
Precedent KL 32
Private International Law KC 2000
Procedure (General & Civil) KN 350-399
Property KN 50-58
Public Law KM 1-29
Real Property KN 60-98
Religious Legal Systems KD
Resource Management KN 94-98
Restitution KN 20.2
Rule of Law KM 34
Sale of Goods KN 280-287
Securities Regulation KN 304
Social and Welfare Law KN 180-198
Stare Decisis KL 32
Statutes – Australia KH 15-18
Statutes – New South Wales KH 64-66
Succession and Inheritance KN 120-143
Taxation KM 336-360
Taxation KM 335-359
Torts KN 30-39
Transport Law KN 320-329
Treaty of Waitangi KM 78 .Z7, KH 348
Trusts and Trustees KN 210-216
Western legal tradition KL 400
Wills KN 125
Witnesses KN 391


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